It has been an interesting few weeks being back in New Zealand.

What has been showing up are all the places I’ve been stopped in the past or where I’ve experienced feeling suppressed. This has been uncomfortable AF (as f**k) Why are these things showing up? Because I’ve been asking for more in my life. More clarity, more of me so I can contribute to my clients in a whole new way. I’ve been asking for people that support me and have my back.

Over the past 20 years I’ve done a lot of my own self work or self development. And during the past 3 years, I’ve really delved deep, uncovered all the places and spaces that I was choosing for everyone else at the exclusion of me. Suppressing me so other’s wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Being the peacekeeper. Being invisible and flying under the radar. Choosing things because I thought I should out of obligation, not because I wanted that. Please let me know if you can relate to this?

I was bought up that to be a good person you put other people’s needs before your own otherwise you were thought of as being selfish.

These days I choose for me first, not at the exclusion of anyone else but at the inclusion of me. So I know that what is currently coming up, are those remnants of me fully choosing for me and those unconscious things that have been holding me back.

What I have learned, is that when something is uncomfortable AF, I am aware of something far greater that’s available. In the past when this happened, I would conclude, “oh this is too hard or it feels horrible so I need to choose something else, this isn’t for me”.

Now I keep leaning in because there is a breakthrough on the other side. Being uncomfortable and leaning in is where the magic happens.

During these past few weeks I’ve allowed my buttons to be pushed. I’ve noticed when I’m holding things in and suppressing me. Turning me down. Feeling other people’s energies as my own and my head becomes busy and spins and sometimes it feels like I’m going nuts. This is not about judging anyone else or making anyone wrong. Instead I’m acknowledging my reactions to these situations.

Over the last few years I gained tools and strategies and I no longer stay in that space for long. When I notice I’m being triggered, I will take a walk and pull all of my energy out of other people’s realities and bring it back to me. Disconnecting from everyone and everything. I ask “what am I really aware of here”?

Because I am super aware of other people’s energies, I have to make sure I’m in my own energy field before I do anything. If I’m in someone else’s energy field I am more likely to react rather than respond.

So for me, when I’m aware I am reacting, I take a little space for me. Take a deep breath and bring my energy back. And when I ask “What am I really aware of”, oftentimes I have the awareness of what is really going on for the other person and where they are coming from. And then I can respond with peace and calm and I’m not attached to any outcome. This takes me out of any reaction with any old pattern, programs or a previous automatic responses.

Each day I go and have a coffee on my own, to bring my energy home and reconnect with me. So that I am centred which enables me to stay in my own energy field or my own lane.

So what strategies could you put in place to stay in your own energy field and respond with peace and calm. Having more clarity and space in your head.

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