Part 3 – Emotional Wellbeing.

Now I don’t know about you, but for me when I was growing up, I got really good at going into other people’s worlds to figure out who I had to be so I didn’t get into trouble. To keep the peace and fly under the radar. Does that sound familiar? (I didn’t even know I did that until about 3 years ago, so it was subconscious and I put those programs in place when I was very little)

To do this we have to cut off a lot of us. That can include our intuition. So we begin to look to others for guidance and approval rather than trust and follow our intuition.

Have you ever had the experience when it felt like someone wasn’t quite telling the truth? Or that something was going on that was off and you voiced your thoughts only to be told you were wrong? Or that you were Crazy or thats crazy. Or you’re paranoid how can you think that? And then you find out that you were actually right.

So how much of your knowing did you have to cut off because someone else said you were wrong or didn’t agree with you?
And how much did you actually believe them and make them greater than you because your awareness has been invalidated or it had made someone else uncomfortable. So we learn at a very young age that it’s not ok to question or we are wrong.
Or you were taught like I was, that children should be seen and not heard. Okay. So we learned to be quiet. We learned to keep our thoughts, feelings and emotions to ourselves.
And we numb them out. Well at least I did until I started having my chakras balanced when I had post natal depression. And then once I learned the other modalities, these tools that I am teaching you, I was able to deal with the emotions I had stuff and I started to feel lighter and was no longer numb. You see I thought it would be easier to stuff them than deal with them, in actual fact it takes more energy to stuff something than explore and release it.
Something that a lot of us experience at some point in time, even highly successful people in business, athletes, musicians and so many more at some point experience still not feel enough. And how much do we pick up on others who feel that way, because we have at some point or still do. As with the Mental and Physical things we pick up it is the same with the emotional.
  • If you have things going on in your head,
  • if it never shuts up,
  • if it tells you that you’re not good enough,
  • or you feel like you are going nuts
  • or don’t want to be here
Then go through this process, I use this for everything:
  1. Bring your energy home. You don’t have to know where it is, just ask it to come home and say ‘I disconnect from everyone and everything’
  2. Ask your guides and angels or whatever you believe in to come in behind you. (This strengthens your Energy Field.
  3. Take your energy from the top of your head all the way up to your higher self, true essence and connect. Bring that energy all the way down through the centre of your body, front and back through your spine to your feet, down through your feet into mother earth, all the way and connect and allowing your energy and her energy to gift and receive through you. All the way up to your higher self and at the same time coming down from your higher self to mother earth. Going through you simultaneously and up and down at the same time. Bring the energy to your heart space. This will have you feel more relaxed and in your own energy.
  4. Then for every thought or for the overwhelm, or anxiety or noise in your head, ask ‘Is this mine?’, if your shoulders relax and you take a deep breath it’s not yours. Then say ‘I let it go’. Until you acknowledge it’s not yours you can’t let it go.
Keep asking questions. Questions open up possibilities and statements or conclusions hold things in place or close possibilities down.

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