Part 2: Physical Wellbeing

How can those things we can’t see have an impact on our physical wellbeing? Like we have discussed before, our body is like a healing mechanism. It’s almost like a default pattern where our body likes to heal everybody else. So anywhere that your body has had the job of going out there and healing everybody else would you like to give that job up? And what our bodies tend to do is take it through our bodies as a way to transmute it (change it). This has us experience other people’s pain or try and digest other people’s emotions. In other lifetimes, our bodies could do this however in this lifetime, our bodies heavier and we don’t have the ability to do that like we have in other lifetimes. All right?


What if it’s not about healing others with our body? What if you can just facilitate it and as soon as it comes out of their body, it just dissolves, okay? It just changes in that moment and transmutes into positive energy.


And most of that is just acknowledging it and reminding your body it doesn’t have to do it. You might have to do this regularly to begin with. Hey body we don’t need to take that through us. We can just facilitate it. This is not our job. Our job is to look after us.
The other thing that you can experience with physical pain is that at some point in time you’ve had an accident or an injury. You had stuff going on around it, emotional stuff, you might have been going through a breakup or there might have been stress at home when you were a kid or something like that.

And either you weren’t aware it was having an impact on you or you weren’t ready to deal with it. So what we tend to do is when stuff is going on in the background, we take our eye off the ball or get distracted and that’s when accidents happen. Okay, we might have been thinking about something else or how we could have responded to a situation in a different way or they could have been turmoil and upset going on in the background. And so we take our mind off the ball, we have an accident. It could be a car accident, it could be a sporting accident, or something else that caused an injury. We can store all of those emotion in the injury site. So anywhere that you’ve got injuries that you’re aware now from the past and all of the emotions that you’ve got locked in there, can you now unlock them and unblock and release them, at a rate and speed that works for you. Sometimes when we unlock something if there is anything we need to explore in there it can come out fast and be overwhelming, that is why I use at a rate and speed that works for you.


So just remind your body that it’s not your body’s job to digest thoughts, feelings, emotions, and pain for other people. You might know someone who’s going through cancer, or mental illness and things like that. So just be very aware to ask when you’re experiencing stuff. Go through the same steps as Part 1:
  1. Bring your energy home. You don’t have to know where it is, just ask it to come home and say ‘I disconnect from everyone and everything’
  2. Ask your guides and angels or whatever you believe in to come in behind you. (This strengthens your Energy Field)
  3. Take your energy from the top of your head all the way up to your higher self, true essence and connect. Bring that energy all the way down through the centre of your body, front and back through your spine to your feet, down through your feet into mother earth, all the way and connect and allowing your energy and her energy to gift and receive through you. All the way up to your higher self and at the same time coming down from your higher self to mother earth. Going through you simultaneously and up and down at the same time. Bring the energy to your heart space. This will have you feel more relaxed and in your own energy.
  4. Then for each body pain or discomfort,’ Is this mine?’, if your shoulders relax and you take a deep breath it’s not yours. Then say ‘I let it go’. Until you acknowledge it’s not yours you can’t let it go.
  5. You can also ask ‘What am I aware of here?’
This is really helped me with my connection to my body and loving my body. Also being kinder to my body. If you treated your body like your best friend, what would be available then?

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