Don’t let someone else’s beliefs or judgments stop you. For instance if you believe in God, Jesus, Spirit or Universe (they are all the same to me) don’t let someone else’s response to a situation, view or judgment within a community rock your faith or beliefs. Sometimes these judgments or beliefs are fear based used to control others.

Instead connect within yourself to what you believe in, this will give you the purest form. Not someone else’s interpretation of what they believe to be right or wrong.

I have sat with this and my understanding and feeling is that a true God who has love, compassion and purity of heart wouldn’t give us these choices and then us for what we choose. (some may say that these are tests – maybe?) However that doesn’t resonate for me. In every choice we make there are lessons. With each experience there are teaching and lessons for us. It makes us who we are. Trust you intuition, gut instinct or whatever you call it. Go straight to God, Universe, Source (GUS) for your guidance. And the quickest way I’ve found to connect is your heart.

So often I’ve heard people being part of a church, community or group to feel supported. Then something happens and people of the community say you can’t do this or that otherwise you’ll go to hell or there will be karma. That’s fear based control and B/S. What do you know in your heart about to your connection to GUS.

And when this happens people leave that community and let go of their faith and feel they must be wrong. Don’t be so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Look at what works for you and what doesn’t. It could just be you need a different community or have our connection with source in a sacred space you have created. You don’t have to go to church to be connected GUS.

GUS is everywhere and you can connect at anytime. Be open and connect through your heart – this is the purest part of you. Because you are GUS and GUS is you.

It’s not outside of you. We tend go looking for answers outside of us. Go within and then ask for guidance or a sign. This could be a conversation someone else – however it’s divinely guided vs trying to make it happen. Ever met someone new and felt like you had known them forever – this is divinely guided.

Don’t give up your faith, your inner knowing, your truth for someone else’s opinion, or because they don’t agree with you. Choose another space or community that resonates with you.

Otherwise it can leave you feeling shaken, lost and alone because it’s not what you thought it was. Know your faith or belief is still there, it’s just that someone else’s opinion or judgment came between you.

You will know it’s fear based control because they won’t be open to discussing your understanding or your feelings about the situation – it’s just their way.

This can happen in many different situations or relationships it’s not just around GUS.

Don’t lose you based on someone else judging you – it’s just their opinion.

I find sitting quietly with GUS or going for a walk with spirit gives me the clarity I need. Getting quiet clears all the noise inside and outside of you, whatever that is.

Follow your unique path becasue all of our lessons our different. Be true to you and your path.

Find your true heart centred tribe.

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