Aries: 0.00
Taurus: 6.09
Gemini: 10.30
Cancer: 16.34
Leo: 22.06
Virgo: 26.23
Libra: 30.15
Scorpio: 37.39
Sagittarius: 40.43
Capricorn: 44.10
Aquarius: 48.16
Pisces: 53.53

Good morning, and welcome to the next 14 days star sign forecast.

So there’s been a lot going on with the planets, we have just had a few go direct. And you might be noticing that. So this year is a seven year. And it’s all about going within looking at yourself, the things that are working the things that are not working, and really being more authentically you and becoming more soulfully aligned. So those things that don’t match that and they show up. I’ve noticed in the last few days, it’s been a little bit like this. And I’m pretty good these days at keeping myself like that. So it’s more about being present in looking at it and going Hmm, I wonder what’s going on out there. And I have a friend. And I’ve been saying this for a while I have a friend that I touch base with who is as connected and spiritual as I am. And I’ll be like, how are you doing today? And often that takes me out of that there’s something wrong. And often she’s feeling what I’m feeling. So it’s like, okay, so this is global. Alright, so we’re on a bit of a global healing right now. So just know that when you get like minded people, whether you’re close whether you’re apart, you still feel stuff. Okay. And as an empath, you feel a lot of stuff. So when there’s stuff going on out there, even if you don’t know what it is, then keep asking, Is it mine, is this mine, if your shoulders relax, and you take a deep breath, it’s not yours. So just be aware of that. And say hi in the comments as you’re jumping in. So let’s get started, we’re gonna start with Aries.

I’ve noticed that things are getting loud too this week, like really loud. I’ve bought a new set of cards this week. So you can see them over here, the shamans dream cards, and I’m just getting familiar with them, and connecting with them. And I’m really liking them so far. And the other thing was, I’ve never been drawn to tuning forks. And this particular tuning fork is for your soul purpose. And I was really drawn to that. So you can’t actually hear it. Unless you do that by your ear. But you can feel the vibration of that. Okay? So just allow that. Alright, let’s get started.

So you might find that things that will contribute to your life journey, your soul purpose, start getting a little bit loud about that they want to be part of your life or connected or whatever that is. Just say hi, is that you are joining.

So Aries for the next 14 days. Solace. So this is about going within. And just like, it’s not about disconnecting from everyone else, but trusting you, knowing you. And when the time is right, when there’s something that we haven’t been able to let go of, or when these skills, talents and abilities that we haven’t fully embraced, they could be down deep. Okay, so sometimes when you take that quiet time. It allows you to connect with that part of you and it allows it to come up and come out. So that either you can release it or so that you can embrace it. Okay, so it could be something that’s standing in the way or it could be another tool in your toolkit, alright. So it says return to nature, tree wisdom, natural remedies, flower essences. So going within. If you have the awareness that you have to change your eating, that you need to do a detox. Follow that too, because it’s just your body purging and asking to have a healthier lifestyle or purging so that it can connect with those aspects of you. To take you to that next level in your journey, okay. Your spiritual level, it might be a stronger connection with spirit, it might be like embracing you more and nurturing you and your body. So listen for those I was gonna say subtle cues. So there is some subtle cues but there’s also, if something’s been sitting there and you keep being aware of it, and aware of it and you’re not doing anything with it. It’s that okay? So it’s a recurring thought or something that’s the there that you haven’t been quite taking action on. All right. You know what I mean? Six and nine. All right. So

Taurus, Stardust. Stardust, premonition galactic communications beginnings and endings? Oh wow, I didn’t notice that before. There’s a little animal or something sitting beside her. So trust in your connection with yourself, with spirit? And be aware of any awarenesses that you’re having, okay. It might be like we were talking before, to, oh, it might be okay. You might be aware that you need to connect with someone. Somebody keeps coming into your thoughts, reach out, Hey, how you doing? What’s going on? Or you might have an awareness that something’s going to happen before it happens. Okay. It’s not always a negative thing. It might be like a deja vu. I felt this before. You may have dreamed it before. And now it’s coming into reality. Okay, or into physicality.

You might be embarking or thinking about embarking on a new career, although it feels more career than moving. So if you’re having those thoughts, start asking questions, start getting really clear on how you want to feel when you wake up in the morning. Because the feeling is what brings what you’re asking for in okay. That’s connecting with your future and bringing it in. So it’s the feels, what does it feel like to get up in the morning? Who are you surrounded by? You don’t need to know the exact people but how do you feel by the people that you are surrounded by, the support? If you’re asking for more support, if you’re asking for kind of nurturing people? What does that feel like? Okay, and for me, one of my pillars is feeling fulfilled and satisfied. So do you feel fulfilled and satisfied or whatever that is for you?

What is one of your pillars? Those things that are uncompromisable Okay. Because we coming out of compromise, compromising on those things that really mean a lot to us and in the past we would have gone oh yeah, maybe that’s not so important just to have this and then you’re coming out the other side and you’re like really resentful because you gave up that part of you. So those parts of you that you’ve given up that you really didn’t want to, just ask that they come back with love and with light in be cleared and that they go back where they originate, and just listening to me saying that can be enough. You don’t have to do anything. You just have to go yeah I’ll have that. Okay.

It’s not hard. Don’t make it complicated. All right. So it’s about getting really clear on what’s important for you. Where you don’t want to compromise okay. And that’s not because you’re being an ass that’s because those things is really truly matter. And it comes, can come down to your integrity. You know, how often do we have to compromise on a on integrity because of the job we’re in? I’ve walked away from many jobs, because I felt like I was not in integrity anymore with me. Those things that really matter to me. So get really clear on that. Oh, gosh, we’re a bit passionate about that one today.

All right, so next on up is Gemini. See how this is all coming around you? Okay? What’s important to you? What’s for you? Because it’s not being selfish once you get clear on what it is for you. On releasing stuff for you, everything around you works and then you have the energy to give to others. When you’ve got stuff sitting in the background, that hasn’t been dealt with, it’s exhausting. And you run on an empty tank versus connecting to source and having that energy flowing. Okay, ever notice that when you do what you love, you’re energized. You’ve got more energy. Okay. But when you’re giving and there’s resentment in there or you don’t feel like you’re getting back. Excuse me, you get exhausted, you get tired. You get grumpy, you get hangry whatever that is. Okay,

Gemini. So choosing for you first. Light the darkness. Okay. See how she’s sitting there on his third eye.

Beautiful little angel or Faery, ancestors, ancestral line generational shifts. So as Empath, healers, you’ll know who you are. Gemini. We’re not just shifting stuff for us. We’re shifting stuff for the future generations. So know that. So it’s not selfish, because you’re not just doing it for you. You’re doing it for the future generations. Okay, so if you’ve closed down your third eye, if it feels like something stuck or blocked, okay, show me what this is. And ask Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael to come and clear your third eye. Okay? To, at a rate and a speed that works for you, okay, because sometimes when we ask it all comes at once, and it can be too much. So just ask you to rate and a speed that works for you. So that you can fully connect to do what youcame here for. Um and if you are a reader, if you’re a healer, if you’re psychic, all of that. An empath, you probably have all those abilities. All right. Trust that, you might find that you’ve been doubting. So if you’re working with other people as part of your business, as part of your role. You might be like, Well, is it really doing any good, or you might feel like a fraud or you might feel like you’re not good enough? Those are all the things to look at and start moving. Because if you look at it and go well as any of us even mine, if you shoulders relax, and you take a deep breath, it’s not. A lot of the doubts, guilt, regret, shame, blame, all of that stuff is stuff that we’ve learned. It’s not what we came in with. Okay, so if you’ve got the doubt, just ask, is this really even real for me? The person that you’re working with might have a lot of doubt. Okay.

Start trusting. When I flipped and I started trusting rather than worrying that I wasn’t delivering enough, that maybe I wouldn’t be able to read for somebody because it’s happened a couple of times. That um that was just buying into other people’s stuff too. That might not be as good as somebody else’s. Just ask, Is this even true? Because we’re all different and what we’re delivering. We all have unique abilities. Yes, we might have gone to the same class. We might have gone to the same university, we might have learnt the same stuff. But we have our own unique spin on that. And that is what makes you you. That is what has people come back to you, because they’re inspired by your experience, by how you deliver whatever that, is so trust thatJust ask, is there anything I need to be aware of here? Okay. When I first started doing readings, I was trying to figure out what the message was. That was not for me to figure it out. Because each time I tried to figure it out, it just mucked it up. But when I just delivered, what I was getting, yes you still have to decipher doing readings because you’ll get pictures, you’ll get words, and you try and put it all together. Then when you deliver it, it’s up to the person to decipher and even if they don’t know, right in that moment, don’t go Oh, I must be wrong. I used to do that. And then people would come back and say I spoke to so and so and they said that, that happened. So it’s like well, if you don’t know right now that will become apparent at some stage. So just allow that.Trust you all about trusting you Gemini. Okay, trusting your intuition, trusting your connection. All right.

So what are we at 16.37. Cancer, what do we got for you today? Just say hi as you’re joining, now just because I might not be on your star sign or something’s resonated, just go okay, that’s for me. Spirit will get you the message. However, they can get you the message for right. And you might hear something in every star sign for you. Just acknowledge that. Okay, cancer. It’s also about getting really clear about what you’re putting up with, and what you won’t Hey, Wendy. I’ve actually got two for cancer today. So we’ve got Shimmer. And that one is glamour, confidence, alore charisma. So being the inspiration and Greenman’s Bride, sacred union, commitment ceremony, maturing into deep relationship. Okay, let’s start with the Shimmer one. Being willing to shine your light, being willing to put yourself out there, okay. Now putting yourself out there doesn’t even need to do this. Putting yourself out there could just be sharing a little bit more of you with those that you feel safe with? Or that you that feel inspired to share with? Okay. All right. So if you’re sitting with somebody and you have the awareness to share something, you’re like, oh, I’m not sharing that. It could be something that they need to hear in that moment. And often what I find is when something comes out of my mouth, it’s not just for them, it’s for me as well. It’s like, huh, I needed that too. And when you don’t share that gift, in that moment, it takes it away. Okay, it’s something that could have shifted for both of you. Yours could be. I’m just gonna say it, the guts to actually share or to share that part of you of mmm, and it’s not like blurting it out. If you have a message for someone that could just be hey, look, I’m getting an awareness, would you like me to share and then they can go yes or no. All right, and it’s gaining that confidence to do that. Okay. And just by being you sometimes is the inspiration for someone else to change something they’ve been holding on to. Or be more of them or take that chance. Okay, by being the inspiration and that’s often just by being you.

Okay, so this one sacred union, commitment ceremony, maturing in deep relationship. This feels more like your relationship with you than anything else. Sacred union with your spiritual side. Gosh, things are moving, sacred union can be acknowledging that part of you that, I’m just gonna say this, that talks to dead people or speaks to spirit or has an affinity with the Earth, or the moon or whatever that is. Okay. I mean, I’ve noticed in the last moon, how much it affected me. And I didn’t used to notice that before. So much like I’d notice it, but I didn’t know what it was or it didn’t acknowledge it, or, Oh, where are we in the moon cycle. There’s definitely a lot of shifting and changing going on. And it’s fast right now. So be careful what you ask for. Or what you focus on, cause it will happen. If you focus in on what you don’t want to get what you don’t want to focus on what you do want, okay? And if you notice that you’ve got, not voices in your head, but something going on in your head. And it’s like, ah, why can’t you just go away. All right? Well, feed your brain with what you’d like to have going on in there, alright, tell your own story. That could just be an old story, or it could be somebody else’s story. So create the story that you actually want to live, in every day. Okay. And I don’t mean, like, do I want to live or die? I mean, the life you want to live, create the story that matches that and start feeling that, start experiencing that as a feeling within you. Even if it hasn’t happened yet. What would it feel like to have that going on? Okay, how much more is available with that? All right, so cancer. 22.06

Leo, what do you want to know today? Please say hi in the comments, or let me know what you’re getting out of this. Midnight Prince, all I can hear is it so Midnight Special? Shine a light on me, not that I can sing. But you might get the idea of it. Ask for what you want. Be honest, because how often do you play, do you downplay what you actually like? You don’t want to sound greedy, you don’t want to take it away from someone else. Whatever that is, you’re not going to take it away from anyone else. There’s more than enough to go around. So ask for what you’d actually want. Okay? don’t water it down. Don’t turn it down. Turn it on, turn it up, tune it in. Okay. And anywhere that you’ve done any of that? Do you want to just dissolve it and let it go?

Hey, Debbie. Yes, you’ve caught me live today. S,o you don’t have to do anything with that, uou just have to go yes, if it resonates, okay. And it will shift. And if you notice that again, hey, not doing that anymore. Let it go. All right. So be willing to ask for what you want. Be willing to be the magic, be willing to be the orchestrator of your life. Okay. You don’t have to put up with shit anymore. And I’m not saying go and tell everybody to leave. Not at all. But if you’ve been putting up with stuff, and you’re getting resentful about that, that’s just gonna create dis ease in your body. So often, when you’ve got stuff going on in your body, it’s your body just trying to tell you that it’s not happy about something, that something’s out of alignment, something’s out of integrity with you. You’re doing things that don’t resonate, with you. Because you think you should, because you want to keep someone happy. You don’t want to upset the applecart. You don’t want to upset someone. You have to be happy. So don’t put up the stuff, that you normally would’ve. And that’s what this year is all about. Really getting clear on what works for you and being honest about it. Okay. And honesty starts with you. Honesty starts with you. And that’s one of the hardest conversations to have. The hardest things to look at, is being honest with you. Okay?

Alright, Okay, so my lives, I just do them when I can at the moment. I have a job as well. And I do them when I’m inspired to do them. With the 14 days, I’m trying to do them every two weeks, which I am at the moment. So usually that’s a Thursday morning, before I head off to work. So yeah and I’m still doing readings, coaching sessions, healings, house blessings, all that stuff. And you can find the link at the top of my personal page, linktree link. So if you want to book anything, you can just check it out the code. Alright, so what are we up to?

We’re up to Virgo 26.23. And please come back and share. If you’ve become aware of something, if something’s come to fruition, whatever that is. Okay, I like to know what’s going on. And how it contributes. The littlest faery. Now isn’t she gorgeous? So it doesn’t matter how big or little you are, you can make a difference in the world. It’s all about the energy. And there’s a lot of magic around at the moment. So you know how much of you tuned in magic. And sometimes we think of magic as black magic. I don’t, For me, it’s your magic, your potency. And it comes from the heart. All right. So so long as you’re working from your heart. That’s all that matters. Appreciate the beauty and value of the exquisite and the small. So if things are changing in your world, acknowledge the little things. Don’t wait for some big huge gesture. Acknowledge all the little stuff. And as you acknowledge the little stuff. When you acknowledge it, more happens, more of that comes in. So acknowledge all the little things that are going on, be grateful for what you’re aware of. Okay, even if it feels like the simplest, simplest of littlest things. Because all the little things create the big things. When we talk about miracles, we think it’s just this big, huge. There’s a lot of miracles along the way, and you’re one of them. Right? I’ll Just leave you to sit with it. And it might be that you walk outside and see the most beautiful colors. It might be that you’re looking at the sea and it’s sparkling or a whale jumps out. They’re all little miracles. They’re all magnificent, really. So acknowledge all of that. All the little things that shift in your life, somebody might have done something amazing for you, or might have acknowledged you for doing something amazing for them. How often do we swat stuff off? When we’re like, oh, well, thank you so much for that. I really appreciate that. Or someone tries to give you something and you’re like, oh, no, no, no, it’s okay. It’s alright, thank you., but no you don’t need to do that. How do you feel when you give them a gift, it lights you up. It gives you joy, when we swat it off, or we’re like oh no, you don’t have to do that. It takes that joy away from them. You can always check in and see if there’s an agenda or something attached to it. If receive this fully, what will that be like for me and listen to your body. Your body has so many cues. Be willing to receive, we’re not taught to receive, be willing to receive as much as you give. Okay. Because you’re allowing somebody to give you a gift, and you know what it feels like to give someone else a gift. I feel like there’s lots of tangents today. Lots of tangents, okay. I have lost my train of thought.

So 30:15 Libra, Libra. Just say hi as you’re jumping in. And if you’re watching the replay, just replay and hi. Midnight Prince again, Libra. So, ask for what you want the honest, alright. And that’s in relationship too. Be specific about what you want in a relationship. And we were talking about the compromisables and the uncompromisables, get clear on what your uncompromisables are in a relationship. Okay? If you’ve had narcissistic people in your life, if you’ve had addicted people, if you’ve had abuse, just be clear, I want somebody who’s supportive and kind and nurturing, on the same wavelength as me. Is interested in the same things. So don’t focus on what you don’t want, flip it to what you would like, okay? Because otherwise, you’ll get what you don’t want. Focus on what you want. So flip it and be honest. Okay, and don’t, don’t go ohh well, I might end up left on the shelf, or. I had somebody tell me, you’ve got, you’ve got too many high ideals, you’ve got too much on your list. So I started to let that slide a little bit. And I got people coming in that were definitely not what I was asking for. I was like, no, no, bugger it this is what I want. And if they’re not, like get to bad, and then Gary came along. Okay. Be clear on what you want and don’t be afraid to ask what you want. This feels more like relationship Libra. Ask for what you want, like what you truly want. What’s going to light you heart up, what’s going to light your soul up.

What is going to inspire you, or add to your journey. Because when we when we’re whole and complete, okay, here we go. When we’re whole and complete ourselves, then anyone else is just icing on the cake. So if we’re, if we’re trying to fill a gap, okay, say you’ve got a pie, and you feel like you’re broken, or the pies broken, you just say the pie is broken. And you’re asking for someone to fill that gap to fill that void. It’s just putting icing on a poo pie. And at some point that’s going to break, or, that’s gonna open up and it’s all going to spew out. And it’s still poo. When you looked at your own stuff, when you’ve healed your own stuff. Somebody else is just icing on the cake. And you’ve got the strong foundation. And over the last 18 months, two years, we’ve been healing that stuff so that we have a strong, strong foundation. So when we’re asking for someone else, to share our life with, it’s like icing on the cake, or someone to walk side by side, it’s not having to fill the gap. And just so you know there’s nothing wrong with you. And there never was, you’ve had some stuff happen in your life. You’ve had some experiences. You’re not broken. You’ve just had some things happen you didn’t come in with any of that stuff. These are experiences so with what I say take what resonates chuck what doesn’t. Don’t go oh, she said this, so it must be no if it doesn’t resonate, just chuck it out. Put it to the side might not resonate now, it might resonate and a few weeks. It might never resonate. We are on different journeys. So only take what resonates. My understanding is before we come in, we have a conversation with source, with God, with whatever you want to call it, our higher self, about the lessons we want to learn in this lifetime, the experiences we want to have, the people we want to do that worth. And if we look at every experience that we’ve had, whether good or not so good, and go, Okay, what did I learn out of that? What are the golden nuggets? Who have I become because of that? Because you’ll hit strengths, you’ll have abilities out of that, like if you’ve been in a narcissistic relationship, like for me, I can spot that 50,000 miles away, what a frickin gift. It wasn’t at the time. It took me a long time to get through that. But the gift is I am so much stronger than I would have been without that. And I can see that a mile away. And I have empathy or whatever you want to call it for other peoplethatthat have gone through that. It wasn’t fun at the time. I wondered what the fucking hell am I doing the here, I didn’t want to be here.

And I’m through the other side of that. And part of that gift is that I can now help others with that. And I choose not to have that in my life anymore. Okay, so look at the gifts, look at the gold nuggets in everything that’s ever happened. It takes you from being a victim of this happened to me, to being empowered to take the next steps to change it. To create something totally different. When you’re in, this was done to me, and I was there for a long time. It feels like there’s no way out of that. But when you go okay, so what did I learn in that? Who did I become because of that it flips it so that you can then start to move forward and create a life you would actually like. I just want to cry. So I’m not sure who that’s for. Butsomebody who’s watching this. 37.39.

Scorpio, it’s alright, just coming back. Snail’s pace. Now I’ve got this card a few times in the last couple of weeks. Slowdown grounding. I actually call it connecting, listening for the heartbeat of the Earth, the subtle energies. So if you’ve been busy, slow it down. Busy doesn’t mean that you’re more connected, that you’re getting shit down. Busy just means you’re getting shit down. Okay? Slow it down. Because when you’re really really busy, you miss the subtle cues, you miss the little whispers, slow it down. Coming back to heart center. Take some time out, go to the beach, go for a walk, go for a ride on your motorbike, your horse. Go for a swim, whatever that is for you. That quiets everything down and brings you back to huhhh. Come back. Why? Disconnect from everyone and everything. Bring your energy back to the here and the now. Mind Body Spirit. Connecting up to your higher self, through, out through your crown chakra, down through your body, into Mother Earth, connecting. Gifting and receiving through you and coming back to your heart center. See how even doing that? Who’s feeling calmer? Just put calmer in the comments. So a snail is not always really really slow. It gets there. Sometimes it’s about slowing down. So you can hear the resonance, so you can hear the heartbeat. Your heartbeat. Okay, bringing you back to your true essence, your true pathway. Okay, not being on somebody else’s, I was gonna say boat, train, hooking your cart up to somebody else’s, horse, wagon, whatever that is, you know what I mean? Um having a Cacao ceremony with yourself or listen to a meditation. All right. The thing that brings you back to, your heart center. Alrighty? It’s very quiet today.

Sagittarius, they’re a bit passionate out there today. Far, Far Away, creative daydreaming. So take time to dream about those things you’d actually like. And like we’ve said in some of the other star signs today, be honest about what you’d like. So taking time to just lay on your bed, excuse me, lay on the beach, lay on the grass. And just connect with what you would like, connect or connect with your business. Ask your business who it wants to contribute to. What it wants to look like. How much fun can you create together? How many lives can you change together? How inspiring can you be together, those sorts of things. And just feel that, lay in it, feel it. You might want to connect with your future. Ask your future what it would like to show you. Creative daydreaming and when you do that, your pen and paper beside you. So that when you come out of that space, you can write things down. Things you’re aware of. Show me what’s next. Just sit and be, and it might be sitting with a deck of cards if you play with cards. And asking some questions. Or, Hey, show me what I need to know today. I do that most days, show me what I need to know today. Or you might do a past, present, future. Just three cards. About we’ve been, where you’re at and what’s coming. Okay. And you know what that means for you. To start with if you’re not used to doing that if it’s something that’s foreign, as you begin to connect and communicate with your cards, so they’re just an extension of you, it’s, it’s the communication between you and your spirit guides. So just ask that your guides and angels steep in, everything else step out and step back. And only what is for your highest good come through. And I always will bring my energy home like I just did before with you guys. Take it up, take it down. Connect in, tune in. Okay, show me what I need to know now. There’s a lot of gifts in that, a lot of tools in that too. All right, who’s next? Capricorn where are we up to. 44.10.

Oh I know what I’ve done. 44.10 Capricorn. What do you need to know today. Little boy Blue. Wow, I haven’t heard that. Little boy Blue come blow your horn, the sheeps in the meadow, the cows in the corn, anyone can’t remember the rest, but that came out. Dreams come true, return of the soul. So when you connect with the magic and the beauty around you, see how he’s connecting with butterflies. When you connect with your magic, those abilities that you have, trusting and taking inspired action. Now what’s inspired action? It just feels right. You just know that you have to do that. You don’t know why. But you just know that, you know, even though you don’t know how you know that, you know that, you know. Whereas just taking action, you take action, because you think you should, versus I just know I need to do this. I know it’s gonna make a difference. So trusting that what you’re asking for is there okay? If you’re aware of something, then it’s possible for you. All right. But what we tend to do is we’ll go, oh yeah, that’s just pie in the sky. Depends, if you believe in it, depends if you take the actions. You know, how often do you say I should do that, and then you don’t do it. And then a few weeks later, you think, oh, I should do them. And then you don’t do it. But when you finally do take that action, things start falling into place. Often, when you have the awareness of I just need to do that. It’s like dominoes, some other parts start to fall in place. Okay. And what we’ll do is we’ll go we’ll put it off for that’s too easy, or you know, because we’re taught that to get what you want, it’s hard friggin work, it’s hard yakka. It doesn’t have to be. So if you feel like you need to do something, even though you don’t know why it doesn’t make sense, ohhh just a caveat, often, when you’re working with spirit doesn’t make sense. And it will fall into place. And I’ve shared this story a lot, but when I came to live over here, I didn’t know where I was going. I left New Zealand, I had a retreat that I went to Bali. And once I came back from Bali, I didn’t know where I was going to go. While I was in Bali, somebody at the retreat, said to me, actually, I think you can really contribute to our family. How about you come and stay with us until you find a house sit And it all fell into place. Now I’m, haven’t been one in the past to just follow things like that. But I just knew I had to come and live over here. But didn’t know for how long. I just knew I had to. I knew that there was some growth, that there was other possibilities. I just knew that I had to. Was it scary, heck yeah And I just had to keep trusting. I just had to keep trusting. And we’ve been here 4 years now or close to it. All right, so where are we up to? Who are we up to. 48

Aquarius, what do you need to know today. So if you do want a one on one reading, or house blessing, coaching, I do coaching sessions, I don’t often do one on like a one off coaching session unless you’ve worked with mae before. But you’ll find all of that at the top of my personal page under linktree. Golden gift, golden gift I like her. And at the moment there’s a lot more energetically that’s available to us too. Whose had the awareness that we can do things more energetically over the last 18 months, two years. There is a lot more available energetically. I’ve been playing with it. And the work that I do, because for the first time I’m being all of me and you know, being open about talking to dead people or doing readings or doing coaching or whatever that was, is. Doing house blessings, and business blessings, to get the energy flowing better. To connect with your business, teaching people to connect with their businesses. I used to keep some of that hidden, well I used to keep a lot of it hidden. And it was only people that I was working with that I would tell that stuff to. My family didn’t know, people around me didn’t know. And now I’m just being all of me because that’s the thing authentically who I am. So how much have you guys been doing that? And there’s a lot more that’s energetically available to us now. Like tapping into the energetics, than it ever has been. For me anyway, who else has noticed that? So magical Help is on its way. So co creating with your business co creating. Thanks, Debbie. I love that you’ve been all of you. And it’s not like an ego thing. It’s just being authentically me too We’re being asked to do that. Especially at the moment with what’s going on in the world. Many of there’s still stuff going on in the world and by us being all of us, being the love that we are, being our true essence that’s helping shift other stuff, energetically. Okay, so Aquarius magical Help is on its way so connecting with your guides, your angels, the archangels whatever it is you believe in okay. If that doesn’t resonate, connect with what you believe in. For me I use guides and angels, if yours is God, if yours is Jesus, if your’s is source, universe connect with that. It’s the same, for me it’s the same thing, for you it might not be but connect with what resonates. What inspires you and allow the energy flow because that is where the magic is. In the connection, in the trust, in the following those awarenesses and being all of you

Because we don’t know what the ripple effect is that we create by being all of us, by inspiring others, by sharing our stories. I didn’t used to share my stories either because I thought it made me weak, but if I share my story and it makes a difference for you or for somebody else, then that’s healing in itself. It’s the only reason why share. Wow lots of tears today. Trust you, keep being the gift that you are in the world keep sharing. Because you never know what difference that makes to others. Okay, you never know. Being the kindness of you. Just by being you, you never know the difference. You might share with somebody who it makes a difference for, then they share with someone else in before long you’ve got the ripple effect happening and you don’t know how far and wide that reaches. You just don’t know and it’s not for you to know. It’s for you to follow your awareness Okay

Last but not least Pisces. Pisces. Snail’s pace again, slow down random or can make the listening for the heartbeat of the earth subtle energies Pisces stopping to hard on yourself. Be gentle with you, you’re doing a good job. You’re doing a better job than you think. If you’re having the awareness to take herbal remedies, Rescue Remedies, Bach flower remedies, Bush flower remedies, anything like that. Aboriginal energies. You know the essences. If you’re having the awareness to take some essences, take some essences. It’s really important because that will actually help your body on an energetic release, okay? It feels like there’s a subtlety and a connection with whatever remedy you’re being drawn to. That will connect you in a different way that will strengthen your immune system, that will strengthen your connection, that will strengthen your heart, and your resolve. Okay, so, I know when I’m channeling, because they’re not words I would use and a lot of this is channeled, most of its channeled.

And then just following your awareness, it almost feels like you’re meandering a little bit. Like this, trust that, it doesn’t mean that you’re going the wrong way. It doesn’t mean you’re taking a longer pathway, it means that you’re trusting you and you’re following that pathway, just like a fish. That will actually get you the faster. So trust that. It will get you there faster, we think, Oh, we go in really slow, we need to find a faster way No, this is the quickest route. So follow that. Whatever that is, if you are feeling the hit to not even sure why I’m saying this go into a sweat, sweat lodge, or the Indian drum. Whatever that is, it feels like the some connection to the Native American Indian. Follow that. Because and it might just be listening to music. But it feels like there’s some. Wow, the boom, boom, boom boom of the drum is actually vibrating, something that’s been stuck to allow the flow, that you’ve been asking for. Okay, so trust that. And if it’s not the indian drum, whatever it is that you’re feeling called to it might be the didgeridoo, it might be, what else is there. It might be some other drum some other musical, feels more indigenous, so follow whatever that is for you. Because it feels like it’s rattling something apart, that has been stuck in holding to give you the flow that you’ve been asking for within. The connection, the flow. The what’s, what’s next. So trust that and if you’re a different star sign and this is resonating, go for it. Let me know what contributes, let me know what you become aware of in the next couple of weeks or even longer. So I’m giving you a two week forecast, a 14 day forecast. Sometimes it’s quick, sometimes it’s a little bit longer, their timeframe, and our timeframe can be different. All right. Thank you guys so much for joining me today, for giving up your time, for being here. I appreciate it. I appreciate you. And remember that your gifts, your talents, your abilities are required in the world and to be all of you. This is Andy Pentecost-Beck empowering you to be all of you. Thank you so much.

See you guys. Thanks, Debbie.

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