How often do other people’s judgments of you or your judgments of you slow you down? Upset your rhythm, or upset your flow. So if you look at little kids, they’re not worried about what other people think of them. They go about doing their thing every day, and they don’t worry about it. And as we grow up, we try to fit in. So we try to live in boxes. And it’s just not who we are, whether it’s school so that, you know, teachers can teach you or so you don’t get in trouble or whatever that is. We learn that we have to look to others for who we have to be, okay. So if you’ve been in an emotionally abusive relationship, or whatever that is, it might be that you’re the Peacekeeper, because you don’t like arguments or upsets. Or it might be that you’ve learned to be a certain way so that you don’t get into trouble. So that nobody comes after you.

Or whatever that is, you don’t get ridiculed, you don’t, it might be because at school, someone made fun of you. Okay. They’re all judgments, they’re all other people’s points of view, and we get to a certain age, and we look at it, and we go, what am I doing?

So we worry what people think of us. And me, I’ve been one of the biggest ones of those. I used to worry what everyone thought of me? So much so that I didn’t share a lot of what I did, I would share bits and pieces with the people I knew it was safe to share that with. Especially you know, what do you say, oh by the way, I talk to dead people, I talk to angels. And I follow my intuition. I used to say, I was massage therapist, but not the rest. There’s so much more to it, I do all the woowoo stuff. And how much of you have you been suppressing so that you’re not judged?

If you watch little kids, they’ll go from one thing to the other to the other, they’ll say stuff. And they don’t care. Until they’re in a group. Like, it could be kindy, it could be daycare, it could be school, and then they start to realize that only certain things are acceptable. Or people make fun of them, pull their hair, whatever that is. They might not like them, they might get ostracized, they might feel like they don’t have many friends.

So if that’s you, you’re probably really unique, you probably have empathic skills, talents, abilities, that other people don’t have. And if you’re in that space of questioning of, you know, I want to step out, I want to be more of me. And there’s that fear, based in the past. Just start to explore it, look at it, and okay, so what am I afraid of here? And that’s how you start to find that underlying emotions of why we don’t do things.

And it’s, it could be because somebody else doesn’t believe in what you believe in. And it’s the willingness to start to move forward in your flow, no matter what others are saying. Okay, so if you’re in space, be gentle with you. Okay, so it’s embracing who you are, and being willing to be all of you no matter what others say. And for me, it used to be that I wanted other people to come with me, I wanted to bring everyone along. Wow, I’ve learn’t this come on, guys. People are all in their own spaces, in their own space of their journey. And it’s just being in allowance of where everybody is at, including yourself. And being gentle with you, and being willing to be more of you, being willing to step forward even if others don’t agree. Because we all have our own unique journey, what we came here for. And when we start to really move on that journey, not everyone’s gonna like it. You’ll people that are like, wow, what are you doing? I want some of that. And then you have others that are like, What are you doing? I don’t like that because they can’t find you in the way that they used to. So you might find that there’s judgments. Be gentle with you, be gentle with them and keep going. This is your journey. There’s only one person that you come into this life with, that is you. And when you leave this life, you’re the only one that you leave with. In the middle, we have friends, we have family. And for me, I wanted the approval of my family. So I would stay in a box, until I started to realize that that was actually holding me back. And it’s not that I’ve gone, you’re wrong. No, they’re just where they’re at. And trusting that you’re where you’re at.

And you’ll know what’s right for you. You’ll feel it in your heart, you’ll feel it in your gut, you know, your intuition, your gut instinct. And those things that you just know that you know, even though you don’t know how that you know that you know. Yeah that, trust that! You don’t have to have the scientific evidence or the scientific proof to back it up. You don’t have to justify it either. Okay, how often do we justify what we’re doing? Because we want others to agree. Sometimes we just don’t agree. And it’s being in that space of agreeing to disagree. Doesn’t mean that you love anyone any less. It doesn’t mean you think at less of them, and sometimes people go away. Sometimes they’re here for a lifetime. Sometimes they’re here for a season. Sometimes they’re here for a reason. Sometimes they’ll go away and they’ll come back and it’s just allowing you to be where you’re at and people to be where they’re at.
So being the space of no judgment and that starts with being the space of no judgment with you. Because how often are we our own biggest critic? Okay, so if you’ve noticed you’ve been slowing down. You’ve been stopping you’ve been waiting for others to catch up. What am I really here for? Start asking questions. What is it that lights me up? And what actions do I know are right for me? This is Andy Pentecost-Beck empowering you to be all of you. Have an awesome day guys. See ya.

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