During a reading Andy connects with the Angels to receive clear and pure Divine Messages and Guidance for you in any area of your life that you would like more clarity in. Oftentimes it isn’t always what you’d like to hear but what the Angels need you to know. This enables you to know and connect with you more so that you can trust yourself and your knowing to follow your true path.

This 5 Card Pull is done remotely and you will receive an email with a voice recording from Andy. This is NOT in person or via zoom, this is via email only.

Andy will connect in with her Angelic team as well as yours to receive pure divine downloads with the information that your Spiritual Team would like you to know. Remembering that your team will always give you what you need to hear vs what you want to hear.

This 3 Card Pull is done remotely and you will receive an email with a voice recording of your reading from Andy.

This is NOT in person or via zoom, this is via email only.

  • Often in Andy’s readings you will receive confirmation of what is already happening or has happened. (this really helps with trusting and following your knowing)
  • This can also include what you are currently being challenged with in an area of your life.
  • Insight and direction to help you moving forward.

If there are areas of your life you would like more ease or a different result, whether it be:

  • Your Body
  • Career
  • Learning to interact with Your Angelic Team
  • Embracing Your Gifts and Abilities
  • Releasing patterns that stop you or hold you back

Or any other area of your life where you know more is possible. We work together so that you have support and a sounding board as you make these life changing upgrades and break the habits of the past. To become ‘Unapologetically You’

Are you experiencing upset in your home, with your finances, family members being unwell ? This may include feeling low in energy,  depressed or experiencing mood swings which can be because you have earth bound spirits in your home creating havoc.

If you have recently moved into your home, changed jobs, experience a loss or any other life changing experience or the energy in your home suddenly feels heavy it can be that entities or energies have been bought into your and decided to stay.

Or you may be moving into a new home and would like the previous owners energies removed and flow your own energies and intentions throughout the house. 

Are you experiencing:

  • Emotional Upset
  • Deals not Coming Together
  • High Staff Turnover
  • Weird Stuff Happens
  • Doors Slamming or unusual noises
  • You feel uncomfortable when you are there alone. 

This can be because there are earthbound spirits, dark spirits or energies that are residing in your work premises. 

It can be from clients who have left them behind. Or from previous owners. It may feel as if your space is always full, cold or just feels off. 

Or you may be about to move your business into new premises and you would like to clear the previous businesses energy out. 

Hi I’m Andy Pentecost-Beck.

I’m am Divinely Guided by the Angels, as a Spiritual Coach, Healer and Divine Channel.

As a Psychic Medium I am the bridge between here and your loved ones who have passed as well as your Spirit Team or Higher Self.  We can connect with your loved ones who have passed which helps to to bring about closure, things you didn’t have time to say and for you to know that your loved ones are safe. Often they will share signs of how you can tell when they are around.

We often connect to your higher self and your Spirit Team to confirm things that are happening in your life right now, so that you begin to trust your connection and intuition more.

Your spirit team will always give you the information that you need to hear vs the information that you want to hear.

As a Spiritual Coach or Advisor I’ll help you explore those things that are holding them back. To help

you hone your intuitive skills and abilities to work with your Spirit Team, so that you embrace your true self and begin to know that your abilities are in fact your greatest strength and gift rather than a curse or something to be ashamed of, wishing you didn’t have.

If you’ve felt feel different from everyone else then you are in the right place.

Beginning to understand that everything is energy and you are highly senstive and aware of energy and that you can commune with all of it.

I have more than 25 years as Psychic, Healer and now a Spiritual Coach. I been exploring  a lot of self help techniques and modalities which I have in turn used and shared with thousands of clients in that time. Everything I share I have explored and used for myself first so I know that it works. 

I was personally challenged with 7 years of postnatal depression and learned many tools which I have taught thousands of clients. You see most of my life I felt like the black sheep in the family and felt like I didn’t fit in. During the past 8 years I have taken a deep dive into my life, undercovering hidden and deep seated patterns and programming that was holding me back or stopping me from having everything I was aware of. I knew I was here for more. I have always known that I was here to help as many people as I could.

And now I know I didn’t come to ‘Fit In’, I came to be an interruption. To have people embrace their abilitites and their brilliance. To become Unapologetically You and to BE proud to be YOU. There is no one else like you because we are all unique. 

You know when you just have that deep knowing. I call it “I know that I know that I know, I just don’t know how I know that I know”; thats the Divine, your inner knowing, your Spiritual Guidance. It’s not up to us to know the “how” this is the Divines job and when we try and work it out, it just slows us down.

Part of my deeper purpose is to help more people just like you, who are highly aware to have the tools and know the actions to take, so that you are no longer at the affect of other people’s energies and dramas. To finally quieten that monkey mind; to be able to connect with you inner knowing, connect with your spirit team, embrace your abilities and to TRUST YOU. 

I have worked with thousands of clients over the years, helping them connect with their intuition, bodies, embracing their abilities, no longer needing to fit in. Learning to tap into all energies and commune with them. Helping them uncover the subconscious blocks to stepping into what they know is available for them, empowering them to have and be what they came here for.  

I look forward to meeting you soon.


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