Intuitive Life Coach

I help highly empathic and intuitive women, hone their intuitive skills, connect with and have harmony with their bodies.

As empaths we pick up on other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions as if they are our own. I teach tools and strategies so that you can decipher what is your’s and what isn’t and quickly bring your energy back to you. No longer being pulled into other people’s dramas or being at others beck and call.

No longer people pleasing or feeling like you have to walk on eggshells. Or the one that has to fix,  solve everyone else’s problems or put out other people’s fires. This often comes from living with narcissists or being in abusive relationships.

When we can begin to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable (usually we are aware of a breakthrough on the other side of this) and can learn to say ‘no’ to those things that really don’t contribute to us or the future you know is possible.

No longer feeling like you should do something or making choices and doing those things that you really don’t want to do but feeling obligated to.  Beginning to make choices not at the exclusion of others but at the inclusion of you.

I teach these women ways to work with their guides, angels and spirit team and to create boundaries so that they are no longer physically, emotionally or spiritually drained so they can gain clarity and begin to trust and follow their  intuition no matter what.

This quietens the mind, giving them peace, calm and clarity and the energy they crave to thrive every day.

Clear Channel For Spirit

As a Clear Channel for Spirit – Psychic Medium, I connect with people’s loved one who have passed, to bring clarity and connection. I teach clients how they can still connect with their loved ones even though they are no longer in the physical world. 

Often when someone passes quickly, there can be a lot that was unsaid on both sides. I become the bridge so that you can have a conversation with your loved one, to ask any questions you have and to check in to make sure they are ok. 

What I have witnessed is that oftentimes there can be what if’s, underlying emotions or issues that are resolved. Things 

that weren’t or couldn’t be said when the person was living. Lifting a weight and any burden those left behind may have been experiencing. Like “if only I’d checked on them more”, or “pushed them to go to the doctor sooner”. Or if you were supposed to be there (survivor guilt) and for some reason plans were changed or places were switched. This can leave you feeling like it was your fault.

Spirit is very good at letting us know, that everything happens for a reason, and there is often nothing could have been done, it was just time.

Logically we may know this but on another level it can eat away at us. 

Or you may not have made it in time to say goodbye.

About Me

Hi I’m Andy Pentecost-Beck.

I’m a Medium/Spiritual Guide for Life and your Business, who teaches highly intuitive and empathic men and women how to hone their intuition and work with their spirit team to begin tapping into the energy of their business. 

For more than 20 years I have been in the Natural Healing Industry, exploring and learning a lot of self help modalities for myself and my clients. I was challenged with 7 years of postnatal depression and learned many tools which I in turn taught thousands of clients. During the past 3 years I took a real deep dive into my life knowing that far more was available and that I was ready to step out and be seen in my life and my business.

I knew I was here for a deeper purpose, to help more people who are highly aware to have the tools and know the actions to take, so that they are no longer at the affect of other people’s energies and dramas. To finally quieten that monkey mind; to be able to connect with their 

inner knowing, trust themselves and their spirit team along with tapping into the energies of their business to create and launch what they came here for.

Those men and women whose businesses are doing ok, and yet they know so much more is available. No matter what they do it feels like they can’t break through that glass ceiling.

I have worked with thousands of clients over the years, helping them connect with their intuition, bodies, and, tapping into their businesses to save them time, energy and resources.  Helping them uncover the subconscious blocks to stepping into what they know is available allowing them  to begin to expand their businesses.  


Video Testimonials


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14 Day Star Sign Forecast – 12th January 2023

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Part 3 – How aware are you of what you can’t see?

Part 3 – How aware are you of what you can’t see?

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Part 2: How aware are you of those things you can’t see?

Part 2: How aware are you of those things you can’t see?

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Part 1: How aware are you of those things you can’t see?

Part 1: How aware are you of those things you can’t see?

Part 1: How things we can't see can affect our Mental Wellbeing and what that might be. As highly intuitive and empathic beings we are like a radio or a TV antenna and we pick up on vibrations, frequencies and messages that are going on in the Universe. Not only are...

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Pain in your Body – What is your Body trying to tell you?

Pain in your Body – What is your Body trying to tell you?

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