Andy Pentecost-Beck

Medium/Intuitive Life and Biz Coach

Create a Life You Love

I help highly intuitive and empathic women, hone their intuitive skills, connect with and have harmony with their bodies.

I share tools and strategies so they are no longer affected by other people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and energies or pulled into other people’s dramas or being at everyone’s beck and call.

No longer being the fixer or having to solve everyone else’s problems. Learning to say ‘no’ to those things that really don’t contribute to them or the future they are creating.

I teach these women ways to work with their guides, angels and spirit team and to create boundaries so that they are no longer physically, emotionally or spiritually drained so they can gain clarity and begin to trust and follow their  intuition no matter what.

This quietens the mind, giving them peace, calm and clarity and the energy they crave to thrive every day.

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Hi I’m Andy Pentecost-Beck.

I’m a Psychic Medium/ Intuitive Life and Biz Coach who teaches highly intuitive and empathic women how to hone their intuition and work with their spirit team to begin tapping into the energy of their business. 

For more than 20 years I have been in the Natural Healing Industry, exploring and learning a lot of self help modalities for myself and my clients. I was challenged with 7 years of postnatal depression and learned many tools which I in turn taught thousands of clients. During the past 3 years I took a real deep dive into my life knowing that far more was available and that I was ready to step out and be seen in my life and my business.

I knew I was here for a deeper purpose, to help more women who are highly aware to have the tools and know the actions to take, so that they are no longer at the affect of other people’s energies and dramas. To finally quieten that monkey mind; to be able to connect with their inner knowing, trust themselves and their spirit team along with tapping into the energies of their business to create and launch what they came here for.

Those women whose businesses are doing ok, and yet they know so much more is available. No matter what they do it feels like they can’t break through that glass ceiling.

I have worked with thousands of clients over the years, helping them connect with their intuition, bodies, and, tapping into their businesses to save them time, energy and resources.  Helping them uncover the subconscious blocks to stepping into what they know is available allowing them  to begin to expand their businesses.  


What My Clients Are Saying

“Andy has an amazing capacity to connect with your guides and angels and deliver a message that will go straight to your heart.

We spent the weekend together and had a long drive home a few weeks ago and I asked her to tune in for me.
The message she brought through was amazing, on point and had this energetic uplifting effect. What she said not only confirmed, but expanded what I was aware of and added energy to it.”
Cory Michelle (July 2019)

Intuitive Guide for Visionary Women

“I’ve had many sessions with Andy Pentecost Beck and they’ve all been wonderful, but the angel reading session I had with her was truly remarkable! The sense of space and love that Andy is really allowed me to clearly receive information that my guides have been trying to tell me for a while. Andy’s psychic abilities are phenomenal! Some information she gave me about me and my business flipped it into a totally different trajectory and I’m super excited and deeply happy about what I can create.

I highly recommend these amazing sessions! Book a slice of Andy magic now!”
Kelly Early (August 2019)

Animal Intuitive. Body Whisperer. Energy Magician. Lover of Life

was at a crossroads in my career and really required guidance on which way to proceed forward. Within the first 15 minutes of the session, Andy Pentecost-Beck had answered questions and gave insight to areas that I have not even considered.

Talk about creating ease in my life!”

Tiffany Theen

* Educator * Speaker *Adrenaline Junkie*



Come and join my FREE online COMMUNITY.

This is a group of like minded highly intuitive women, where we can connect and support each other as we grow. 

I provide insane value and show up everyday!


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