Stay True to You

Don't let someone else's beliefs or judgments stop you. For instance if you believe in God, Jesus, Spirit or Universe (they are all the same to me) don't let someone else's response to a situation, view or judgment within a community rock your faith or beliefs....

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Judgement – How it can sabotage/kill your flow.

How often do other people's judgments of you or your judgments of you slow you down? Upset your rhythm, or upset your flow. So if you look at little kids, they're not worried about what other people think of them. They go about doing their thing every day, and they...

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14 Day Star Sign Forecast – 12th January 2023

Aries: 0.00 Taurus: 6.09 Gemini: 10.30 Cancer: 16.34 Leo: 22.06 Virgo: 26.23 Libra: 30.15 Scorpio: 37.39 Sagittarius: 40.43 Capricorn: 44.10 Aquarius: 48.16 Pisces: 53.53Good morning, and welcome to the next 14 days star sign forecast. So there's been a lot going on...

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