What are you Badass at? Or what is one of your super powers?

I touched on this last week, when I was growing up it wasn’t really encouraged to say you were good at something. So today I thought we could change that up a bit.

Please share one thing below that you are badass at, that you love to do, something that has you in your flow and you could do all day everyday and be energised by it.

Here’s a few idea to get the ball rolling:

You might be kickass with numbers, you might love sewing, riding horses or motorbikes, you might be an awesome coach, you might have a magical capacity with bodies, with paint and canvas, be freaking awesome in the kitchen, a great mum, great with kids, love contributing to others.

There is no right or wrong, judgment or comparing with what others are doing. This is just what lights you up and energises you. We are all different.

So for me I love riding a motorbike, it has me be in the zone, shuts my brain off and I get amazing downloads of ideas for my business and my life.

I love working with all energies, bodies, realigning people’s energies fields and intuitive life coaching. Teaching people to trust and follow their intuition and contributing to others which feeds my soul and has me be in my flow. When I’m finished a session I have more energy than when I began.

So what is it for you? What lights you up, has you be in your flow and feeds your soul. Please share in the comments.

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