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Here are some of the signs and symptoms that you may have uninvited guests, spirits or energies upsetting the harmony and flow or your Business:

  • Emotional Upset – arguments, doors slamming
  • Deals not coming together
  • Things taking longer than they should
  • High Turn Over of Staff
  • Parts of your Business and property feel uncomfortable or uneasy. You may rush through certain areas.
  • You may feel like you are being watched.
  • You may feel like you’ve become accident prone or the kids have
  • Weird stuff happens
  • You’ve recently taken over the New Business and things don’t seem to be flowing.
  • Or you’ve recently moved into a new premises and things don’t flow like they used to. Or people don’t get along like they used to.

You see when you purchase a Business or move into a new Premises not only do you buy it, there are also the previous owners energy and emotions that you can inherit. It is important to untangle any previous energetic agreements with the business or the premises. This then allows you to connect with the business, create more harmony and flow, but also add your secret sauce or your unique mark.

  • With a building, if someone went bankrupt, or had money concerns, or went through a divorce or a traumatic experience, the energy of that can be still in the building. And it can be the same with a Business.
  • It could be there is an imbalance with the  land that surrounds your Business . If there have been earth works being carried out around you, (new housing, roading, someone escavating) that could have upset energies that were previously quite happy where they were.

Another thing that can affect our bodies are cell phone towers. There are a lot of electromagnet energies that go with these, that can affect us in all different ways.

I used to offer these in person however what I’ve found is that they work just as effectively from a distance and via zoom. I have cleared homes, businesses and land this way all over the world and the results have been just as powerful.

In this LIVE 60 MINUTE 1:1 Zoom Call, with Andy she will tap into the energy of your Business, together we acknowledge any energies that are not for your highest good or contributing to what you would like to create. We bring our Angels and Spiritual Guides to escort them on their way.

If there are loved ones trying to get your attention, we tune into them to see what they would like to share.

We then set an intentiion with the energies you would like in your Business, for eg. to bring more harmony, flow, connection, peace and calm to your Business and your life.

The call is confidential and the recording will be sent to you so can listen again at your own leisure or refer to it again in the future. 

Each session may include:


Tuning into the Energy of Your Business


Clearing any Energies not Belonging to You or Your Business


Re-Directing any Laylines or negative energies running through your Business.


Disconnecting and Releasing the Energy of any Previous Owners or Business Partners


Releasing Past Agreements and Contracts from anyone who has ever been part of the Business.


Setting your Intentions and Energetics to have more Harmony and Flow in Your Business.


Recorded Session

The intention of a Business Blessing, is to create a pivot in your Business and a different relationship with it. To create more peace, harmony and connection with your business and those who work within it. 

Andy is a Divine Channel for and during your time together she will tap in and connect with your guides and angels along with your Business to bring more peace, harmony, connection and flow.

Terms and Conditions:
– All readings are entirely confidential. 
– Readings are for entertainment purposes and are non-refundable.
– I take my work very seriously, however  readings are only a snapshot in time, and you still have freewill. Often my readings are confirmation of what you already know. Or what spirit has already been trying to get through to you.

Because of the nature of spiritual work, I cannot guarantee any outcomes, nor am I responsible for what you choose to do with the information.

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