How much resistance do you have to Owning and Aligning with your Magic?

When you fully trust you and acknowlege you and what you came here for, you have gone beyond your fears and you are begin to become more Soulfully Aligned.  Then you are ready to go outside of your OLD comfort zones and you’ll begin to have more confidence to be seen. Knowing that you are doing what you came here for.
You embrace your magic and capacities, knowing that they are part of you and you are here to assist others in their journey, no matter what role you are currently in.
You willingly celebrate you and how far you have come and the breakthroughs you’ve had.
Knowing that what you do makes a difference, whether anyone acknowledges it or not.
You know spirit, your guides and angels, the universe, source have your back no matter what.
You trust your intuition/awareness, no matter what anyone else is saying or how things might look on the outside?
Are you ready to release the fear, resistance and brakes to becoming Unapologetically You?
If you’re like me, you may have grown up as the black sheep of the family, or felt different or like you didn’t fit in. Always on the outside looking in. And because you didn’t fit in, you may find that you kept a low profile or it didn’t feel safe to stand out. Or you may have stood out and been chopped down, so you didn’t want to do that again.
Or you may have been a people pleaser, walking on eggshells, trying to get it right, so that you didn’t get into trouble.  Or you may have gone the opposite way of trying to get attention any way you could. 
You see a lot of the time, the reason we’re holding back either consciously or unconsciously is because we’re afraid of being judged, upsetting someone, getting into trouble or worse still that we will be ostracised or cast out.
You may have sensed, felt or seen things that others didn’t during your life and you were told that it wasn’t ok or in some way you felt it wasn’t, so it was safer to keep quiet, no say anything and fly under the radar, so you became invisible.
Or you may have been made fun of.
You may be super aware of other people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and energies and experience them like they’re your own. If your head can be super busy with lots of thoughts then this can be a sign you are aware of what’s going on around you, whether you are conscious of this or not.
You find yourself being different versions of you for different people, because you feel unsafe or you’re afraid they will be uncomfortable with it.
Are you ready to stop denying who you are and Embrace Your Brilliance and Become Unapologetically You?
Join me for this FREE 3 Hour Deep Dive!
Where you’ll learn tools to begin to Embrace You and Your Magic, no longer having one foot in and one foot out. To join me click the register button below. 
Sunday 9th October 8.00am Brisbane,
click the “Your time in the World” button below.
If you’re ready to be Unapologetically You, listed below are some of the areas we will be Diving into!
SHINING your Light

Releasing fears of judgment and being chopped down.

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable.

To have the breakthrough and life you desire!

Beginning to Follow your Intuition no matter what!

No longer slowing down or stopping to wait for others to catch up or because others don’t agree with you.

Strengthening Trust in your Intuition and Guidance

Unlocking patterns and gridlocks, old structures or beliefs – no longer needing approval or waiting for permission from others.

Being willing to be the Magic in your Life - Going for what you are aware of.

Not waiting for all of the steps to be clear but putting your best foot forward, beginning to trust the next stepping stone will appear.

Become more Soulfully Aligned

Letting go of thinking you have to do it that way everyone else does, because it just doesn’t seem to work for you.

Becoming more Wholeheartedly You

Knowing you don’t have to water you down to make other people comfortable.

Sunday 9th October 8.00am Brisbane,
click the “Your time in the World” button below.
Recordings will be available to view for 72 hours afterwards
inside the facebook group.

Who Am I And Why Should
You Listen To Me?

Hi I’m Andy Pentecost-Beck.

I have developed many techniques from over 20 years of personal experience as a Psychic Medium, Intuitive and life coach. I know what it means to be at the mercy of being an empath and learning to trust your intuition…and what a difference it makes once you harness it so you can apply it in all aspects of your life.

You see, I grew up in a household of arguments. As an intuitive, my survival mechanism was to go into other people’s heads to figure out who I had to be, so that I didn’t get into trouble, rock the boat or upset anyone.

I carried this into my adult life.

I was OCD and a perfectionist. I didn’t believe in me and if something great happened I was always waiting for something to go wrong.

I always put others first at the exclusion of me.

I didn’t trust my intuition, and was always looking outside of myself for guidance and approval. I went against my knowing because I decided they were older, wiser or knew better.

But there was always a part of me that knew that to do what I came here for I must be seen, I had to come out of hiding.

I spent over 20 years searching.

I learned things that helped, like massage, chakra balancing, reiki and coaching, but I still felt unfulfilled. Like something was missing.

Then, about four years ago I had an aha – instead of believing there was something WRONG with me, I realised that what was MISSING was me!

I realised I hadn’t been including me in my choices. I was choosing things to make everyone else happy, to keep the peace, not rock the boat or upset anyone.

Once I realised how much I was aware of other people’s energies and implemented the tools that I now teach, I could finally quieten my mind, kick the naysayer off my shoulder and really begin to trust me and choose for me instead of putting everyone else first.

As a result, I’ve moved from being stressed, confused, timid and doubtful to being strong, confident and successful – all because I was able to harness my intuition and apply it confidently in everything I do.

On my journey, I created a powerful process that helped me tap into, harness and trust my intuition, and I haven’t looked back.


Andy Pentecost-Beck is the real deal, super connected!!!

How do I know because Andy is a friend of mine that even before I told her about my dad being sick she contacted me. After he passed he visited her and the message she delivered was bang on and gave me so much comfort.

She has delivered valuable information to me over the years of friendship time and time again!!

Yes I can get my own messages but having someone else confirm or give you information about something you don’t see yourself because your in your own energy is priceless!!

Tracy Reifferscheid

Alchemist and Intuitive Facilitator

“Andy has an amazing capacity to connect with your guides and angels and deliver a message that will go straight to your heart.

We spent the weekend together and had a long drive home a few weeks ago and I asked her to tune in for me.

The message she brought through was amazing, on point and had this energetic uplifting effect. What she said not only confirmed, but expanded what I was aware of and added energy to it.”
Cory Michelle

Intuitive Guide for Visionary Women

I had an amazing session with Andy Pentecost Beck this afternoon and she not only helped me discover some holding patterns that we then obliterated, she also worked on my dog Odie and me at the same time. He was upset because I was upset and both of us got a major upgrade. Thank you Andy!

Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Success Sorceress

I’ve worked with Andy a couple of times in the past few years. We were out of touch for a little while and we reconnected last week when she did a reading for me.

Holy wow!!!

She addressed everything that was going on with me perfectly. And I do mean absolutely everything! It was a beautiful experience that left me feeling confident and secure.

I got confirmation that the choices I have been making are in fact beneficial to me. I have recently gone through a very big energy shift and I’ve let go of huge chunks of my past. I was feeling a little adrift in this new energetic space but now I feel calm and centred. Thank you Andy! ❤️

Elfy Jo

I started working with Andy when I was pregnant with my first child and I was struggling with the transition from being a career driven person to being a mum.

I had so many fears about being a Mum (based on my upbringing) and what sacrifices I would need to make.

Andy helped me overcome my past and step into being a mum with confidence.

She opened my eyes to managing my energies and I still use the techniques and tools she taught me multiple times a day!!

I highly recommend Andy, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

Ginny Moore

Super Mum, Entrepreneur

Thank you Andy for our session on Friday, the awareness connections and acknowledgment I received with regard to loved ones passed has given me great peace .

I feel way more connected to my spirit guides and team. It feels good to be open more to receive from them. We are Never alone … Thank you so much

Robyn Singh

Magical Paddle & Yoga Instructor,Flow with Robyn

Working with Andy has helped change my life. I just took part in a week-long coaching group and in 1 week I overturned and changed so many old habits and patterns it was mind blowing.

I react less, pause more and walk away from drama within relationships; my 18 month old now comes to me for her nappy changes with less wrestling matches and even our puppy and I are on a more cooperative level.

I’m feeling in tune, aligned with my dreams and a load more hopeful about my future options. Andy is always down to earth and respectful, authentic and straight up at the same time. She doesn’t do the hard sell approach, so I always know that I am getting the real deal with her.

The fact that Andy uses her awareness of spirit and energy is a bonus, it’s like ‘ having essential oils added to a massage’ – working with spirit enhances the impact of the coaching and makes it next level. Totally recommend (and have already) Andy to anyone.

Indigo Kingfisher

Mum Extraordinaire and Family Therapist

“I was at a crossroads in my career and really required guidance on which way to proceed forward. Within the first 15 minutes of the session, Andy Pentecost-Beck had answered questions and gave insight to areas that I have not even considered.

Talk about creating ease in my life!”

Tiffany Theen

* Educator * Speaker *Adrenaline Junkie*

“I’ve had many sessions with Andy Pentecost Beck and they’ve all been wonderful, but the angel reading session I had with her was truly remarkable! The sense of space and love that Andy is really allowed me to clearly receive information that my guides have been trying to tell me for a while. Andy’s psychic abilities are phenomenal! Some information she gave me about me and my business flipped it into a totally different trajectory and I’m super excited and deeply happy about what I can create.

I highly recommend these amazing sessions! Book a slice of Andy magic now!”
Kelly Early

Animal Intuitive. Body Whisperer. Energy Magician. Lover of Life

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