Part 1: How things we can’t see can affect our Mental Wellbeing and what that might be.

As highly intuitive and empathic beings we are like a radio or a TV antenna and we pick up on vibrations, frequencies and messages that are going on in the Universe. Not only are we aware but our bodies are too.

For instance, we can pick up on other people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and energies. And have you ever noticed that you might have had a conversation with a friend and they walk away feeling really good and you feel like you’ve just been hit by a bus. Right? You’ve energetically taken on their emotions (you may have experienced them at some point in your life) and your body might have gone, ohh I recognise that, it must be mine. Our bodies are very healing devices. So if you’ve been experiencing overwhelm unwanted thoughts, your head won’t shut up or you might have felt like you’re going nuts at some point, it’s like that you are just very aware of things that you can’t see. And those around you, or what’s currently going on in the world.
And it might not even be people that you know. It could be people that are going through a similar situation. If you’re in a workspace, you can be aware of all those other people around you, and what each of them are going through. And when you’re highly aware, it can feel like it’s your own. So you might be feeling really good, and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you start to feel overwhelmed or anxious, or there might be all these thoughts in your head. It can be because you’re picking up on other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. And it can be that you’re really aware of the energies around you like the energies of the lost spirts.

Lost spirits are those people that have passed over and may may not have gone where they need to go. So how do you change it? If you’ve been experiencing overwhelm, unwanted thoughts or have had enough then it is likely you are aware of those things that you can’t see. What can you do?
  1. Bring your energy home. You don’t have to know where it is, just ask it to come home and say ‘I disconnect from everyone and everything’
  2. Ask your guides and angels or whatever you believe in to come in behind you. (This strengthens your Energy Field)
  3. Take your energy from the top of your head all the way up to your higher self, true essence and connect. Bring that energy all the way down through the centre of your body, front and back through your spine to your feet, down through your feet into mother earth, all the way and connect and allowing your energy and her energy to gift and receive through you. All the way up to your higher self and at the same time coming down from your higher self to mother earth. Going through you simultaneously and up and down at the same time. Bring the energy to your heart space. This will have you feel more relaxed and in your own energy.
  4. Then for every thought or for the overwhelm, or anxiety or noise in your head, ask ‘Is this mine?’, if your shoulders relax and you take a deep breath it’s not yours. Then say ‘I let it go’. Until you acknowledge it’s not yours you can’t let it go.
This is my first go to for everything that is happening. My head never used to shut up. It used to tell me everything I was doing wrong, it used to judge me, and I used to feel like I was going nuts. Until I really implemented these tools. 99% of the time now my head is quiet. And when it’s not, it’s usually because I’m aware of someone else, an energy in my field or my energy is out in the world somewhere.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, if this is helpful and anything that you are aware of.

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