Pain in Your Body – What is your body trying to tell you?

How often do you experience any kind of pain in your body?

It can be little aches and pains, it can be that we’ve had an injury. We’ve been in an accident, all sorts of different things.

And as we get older, what tend to do is decide and conclude that, it’s all part of getting older. And what if it’s not? What if your body is trying to communicate with you? Because we have amazing bodies.

I don’t know about you, but for me, from a very young age, I disconnected from my body and stopped trusting her. And then I looked for all the evidence to back that up.

Part of my evidence was, I never had regular periods. I had polycystic ovaries. I didn’t get pregnant on my own with the first child, I had to have help. I had seven years of postnatal depression, my hormones were up and down and all over the place. So, three weeks out of four, I would be moody, grumpy and I felt like I was going nuts. Based on all the evidence I had, I decided my body didn’t work properly and I couldn’t trust her.

Since I’ve really implemented asking ‘Is this mine?’ for every thought, feeling and emotion, that’s totally changed. Because we’re so empathic we can pick up on what’s going on in other people’s bodies and feel like it’s our own and our body may try and heal it for others.

Now I probably experience an hour in four weeks, that things go topsy turvy, up and down emotionally and I want to cry because I’m not sure whats going on. Can you relate to hormones that are up and down?

We have three options here, we can go into what’s wrong with our body or us? We can conclude we’re getting older. Or we can start asking our bodies questions like, hey body what are you trying to communicate with me? What are we aware of here?

Hey body “is this mine?” Remember if your shoulders relax and you take a deep breath, then it’s not yours and you can say I let that go.

Sometimes the pain can be old injuries and emotions we have locked in and suppressed at the time of injury, either because we didn’t have time to deal with it or we just kept going.

So how do you begin to communicate with your body?

Step 1:
1)Disconnect from everyone and everything and bring your energy home. Just ask it to come back, you don’t need to know where it’s been, that is none of your business.

2)Bring your guides and angels in behind you, this strengthens your energy field

3)Check your energy field and kick anything out that doesn’t belong to you.

4) Connect your energy up to your highest self through the top of your head and bring the energy down through the centre of your body into mother earth, connect, and allow the energy to gift and receive through you, up and down at the same time and coming back to your heart space.

This centres you without any other energies impacting you.

Step 2 will be in a different post.  If you would like to know more come and join me in my free facebook group ‘Being Unapologetically You’ where I go live every Monday ‘Live with Andy’ and we explore different topics around Honing your Intuition, connecting with your body to hear her subtle cues that add to your intuition.  Tools and Strategies so you are no longer at the effect of other people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and energies.  Along with connecting to your spirit team and creating boundaries. Click here to join.

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