How do you know when you have subconscious blocks?

Have you ever had that experience when you know more is possible however you are not sure how?

Or that you can get to a certain point and no matter what you do you just can’t get past that? It’s almost like there is an invisible ceiling.

Or that other people can have it or you can do it when you work for someone else but not when you do it for you.

I have had that too. I’ve worked for other people and I was amazing at selling, however when it came to my own services, even though I was getting great feedback I couldn’t get above a certain point.

A subconscious block right there!!!

The way I grew up, it wasn’t ok to think or say you were good at something. This was seen as egotistical, self centred, or up yourself. I think you get the general picture, right? And if you did, someone would cut you down or bring you back to reality. So stepping out and being seen wasn’t ok. Does that sound familiar?

In the last two years I have really explored this to uncover and release these emotional blocks. I hadn’t liked standing out, being singled out and definitely not speaking up because it wasn’t safe.

Earlier this year I went to Bali on a retreat and I rode a sky bike. This is where you ride a bike across a tight rope above a ravine all harnessed up. It scared the sh*t out of me, however what I realised was that just because I was uncomfortable, it didn’t mean I was going to die. Say what??

Wow this awareness has given me so much more freedom and more of me. You see I had done everything in my power to stay out of discomfort. I cut off so much of me to try and be what I thought others wanted me to be and to stay safe.

I am now comfortable with being seen, as you can see. So I wonder what is available for you without invisible ceilings?

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