What I Do

I help highly intuitive and sensitive women who pick up on other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions and may not realise it yet. Who struggle with the responsibility of taking care of everyone else’s needs first, feeling like they don’t fit in, are invisible, may experience moods swings and believe that their needs come last.  I empower these women to begin to choose for them first not at the exclusion of anyone else but at the inclusion of them. To begin to know what thoughts, feelings and emotions belong them and tools to release the rest.  To connect and work with their intuition so that they can follow their truth, to have the life and happiness they know is available.

My Vision

To empower women to implicitly trust themselves and to know that they know.  To explore and embrace their own identity beyond being someone’s daughter, wife, partner, mother or any other label they have received.

To connect with and follow their intuition, no matter what anyone else says and to expand and follow what is true and light for them. To include and love their bodies in this process, and to listen to the cues of the body that add to their intuition and knowing.

To uncover their capaciities and abilities, that allow them to know that they can achieve anything they are aware of and set their mind to. To be the inspiration and guiding light for themselves, their children and those around them.

My Methods

I connect with and work with my Guides and Angels and yours, to bring about clarity in the areas you feel you are being stopped or restricted in.  

I connect with your body and rebalance your chakras (or energy centres of your body).  Each chakra governs different organs and systems or connecting points to the earth or your higher self.  The things that usually knock them out of alignment are past traumas, emotional experiences, accidents or losing someone you love. These emotions can get locked in the physical and emotional fields (aura) of your body. 

I energetically release these whilst talking to you. We don’t go digging things up, as you may have already dealt with the emotions and your body is just holding onto it. We look at things as they present themselves or if there is a certain area of your life you would like a breakthrough in. 

This brings about more balance and harmony and people experience a clearer mind and feeling more stable within themselves. I use coaching and healing as guided during sessions. 

My Aim

Is to empower women to connect with and follow their intuition.  To implicitly trust themselves and to choose for them, not at the exclusion of others but at the inclusion of them. When you do this everything around you works.

To know that they are highly empathic and sensitive which has them wide open to pick up on and experience other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions as though they are their own.  I will teach them systems and tools to know what is their’s and what isn’t.  To be able to acknowledge and instantly let go of that which isn’t theirs.  This will create a sense of peace, calm and balance within them whilst  quietening their mind chatter or monkey mind.

This empowers them to implicitly trust themselves, put themselves first, not at the exclusion of anyone else but at the inclusion of themselves. 

They will learn that what is light and expansive for them, is the truth for them and what is heavy and contractive is not or that there are other questions to ask.

As a role model for your kids this demonstrates that by choosing for you and following your awareness, you find your sweet spot of being able to create that which you have an inkling is available and this is where the magic happens.

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