All of my life I was aware of energies, only I wasn’t aware that is what it was. I thought everyone experienced what I did.

It wasn’t until I was in my teens that I realised I was aware of things that I couldn’t see (and sometimes I could actually see them).

It wasn’t until I had my oldest son was born and was 3 months old,(he’s now 23), that a Naturopath suggested we have a Maori Tohunga come and bless our house. He said that there was too much that had happened in our home for it all to be a coincidence, it had been a crazy period. Two weeks after we moved in, I found out I was pregnant. A week later I was in hospital with cysts on my ovaries. We got married when I was 3 months pregnant and two days before the wedding I slipped on black ice on the deck. Two days after, my new husband ended up in coronary care for two weeks. At 18 weeks pregnant I had an operation to remove the cysts on my ovaries. An when my son was 6 weeks old he had to have surgery for bilateral hernias.

Thats a lot in a little under 12 months, right?

Anyway Rongo came and told us we had maori warriors all across our driveway and they were in different areas around the garden and garage. Interestingly enough these were spots I found super uncomfortable and would run past.

He cleared the property and my son’s dad, and didn’t have time to do me. He said he would come back later and do the lady that was hanging around me. I started to feel extremely sick and then started to feel better and my son started screaming. I used my mind to tell her to leave him alone and come back to me. He stopped crying and I started feeling really sick. I rang Rongo and he came back within 2 hours of leaving. He shifted her, balanced my chakras and I felt more me than I had in awhile.

I needed to have this experience, as if it hadn’t happened to me, I may not have believed it.

Over the next 22 years this lovely Tohunga named Rongo would teach me many things about lost spirits, clearing people, homes and much more. I am super grateful for everything I learn’t from this amazing man. He pops in now in spirit and helps out, it is such a pleasure and gift to be able to work with him.

During the last 23 years I have learnt a lot about energy and how aware I am of other people’s energy. How much my body would automatically heal others. And I have learned and developed strategies so I am not so negatively affected.

One question you can ask if you are felling out of sorts is – ” Is this mine”? Use this for any thought, feeling or emotion. If your body relaxes or you take a deep breath then it’s not yours. Then you can say “I let that go”.

If you have experienced chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, overwhelm; you can ask your body is this ours? If your body relaxes or your take a deep breath then it’s not yours. Then you can say “ok body we don’t need to do that anymore”.

If you have pain or discomfort in your body, you can ask: “body what are you trying to tell me?” You may not be aware of it right then and there. Sometimes it can take a few days or a week or so. You can also ask “Body show me, what you are communicating”.

The key to this is staying neutral and not trying to figure out how the information can come to you. It may come out of someone else’s mouth and it has a similar energy to what you are aware of. You might hear something on the radio. You may have a dream. You may read a post on facebook or instagram that resonates. Stay open to the possibilities.

Did you find this helpful? If so please post yes in the comments. If there is enough interest I will share another post tomorrow with more tips that I use.

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