How can you tell if you are aware of other people’s energy and just don’t know it? And that you are highly intuitive?

Have you ever had that experience when someone walks into the room and you know something is going on with them before they even open their mouth?

That you are talking with a friend who has a bit going on, they leave and you feel exhausted or not like yourself?

So why is that? Well you see most of us are highly aware, intuitive or sensitive to other people’s energies and are not aware we have this gift or capacity.

Our bodies may go into automatic healing mode and start trying to help the other person let go of whatever they are being challenged by. Smart body, right?

I hear you asking, so how can this be a gift if I’m feeling exhausted?

Once you begin to acknowledge how aware you actually are, then you can learn tools to connect with your body. You can then put some boundaries in place so that you can help others without it impacting your body.

Would you like to know more? If so put yes in the comments.

If there is enough interest I’ll continue tomorrow with a couple of the tips that I’ve discovered over the last 20 years that has contributed me overcoming Postnatal depression, having more ease and connection with my body, and mind, body, spirit alignment.

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