💫Did you know that if your chakras are out of alignment (energy centres of the body – where the little coloured balls are in the picture) it’s as though your cells are sitting on the couch having a sleep and the food or supplements you giving her/him are being missed. Every so often they might wake up and catch some however the majority is just sailing on past. 💫
🧚If you have been taking supplements and they don’t seem to be making much difference this could be part of the reason.🧚
🌟So how do you know if your chakras are out of alignment?🌟
👉Do you have trouble going to sleep? Or do you wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep? Or do you wake up in the morning and still feel tired?
👉Do your moods swing?
👉Is your brain foggy?
👉Does it feel like you are sitting outside of your body and watching?
👉Do you have low energy levels?
👉Or are your legs heavy and you feel like you are putting one foot in front of the other?
👉Are you feeling indecisive?
👉Are you irrational? Or experiencing anxiety or feeling low?
👉Are you challenged with low self esteem or confidence?
💫These are all signs that your chakras are out of alignment.💫
🧚What difference does having your chakras balanced make?🧚
🌟For starters balancing your chakras, wakes up your cells, kicks them off the couch so that they do their job and uptake the nutrients from the food and the supplements you are feeding your body. They supply these nutrients to your systems and organs so that they function as they were designed to do.🌟
🧚Clients have experienced:
👉More energy!
👉A clearer brain!
👉Balanced moods!
👉Improved Sleep!
👉Being in their body and more connected to their body.
👉Being more connected with their intuition, making it easier to deal with situations around them and being able to make choices with ease.
👉More confidence.🧚
💫What throws my chakras out of alignment?💫
🧚Usually a life trauma, a breakup, the loss of loved one, an accident, an unpleasant situation, or an ongoing situation where you may feel trapped, helpless or unempowered. Or you can be super aware of everyone else’s thoughts, feelings and emotions and think they are yours. (I teach tools to empower you to know the difference) It is oftentimes an emotional experience that knocks them out. This experience can then get locked into your physical body.🧚
🌟This can create pain, unease or dis-ease in the body. By the time it gets to this point your body has probably already given you a many signs that it is unhappy about something. In other words it’s been trying to communicate for sometime and either you haven’t been listening, or haven’t heard it or been too busy to do anything about it.🌟
💫How do you have your chakras balanced?💫
🧚I started having my chakras balanced 17 years ago. I was challenged with 7 years of postnatal depression and was on 4 antidepressants a day. Once I started having my chakras balanced on a regular basis, I discovered that I had unknowingly suppressed emotional traumas and events I had experienced at different times during my life. I thought I had put them behind me. Well I had in a way but I hadn’t actually dealt with them. I had also jumped out of my body because I had decided it would be less painful. Not at all, it takes more energy to stay out of your body than it does to look at the emotions. 🧚
🌟Within 9 months I was off all medications and I had got to know when my chakras were aligned and when they weren’t. Then I only went for maintenance. (never go off medication without the assistance of medical professional)🌟
💫It made such a difference for me that I went and learned how to do it, so I could offer it to my clients because I know it works. I have been balancing clients chakras for approximately 14 years now. For a long time I only did this process in person and it was the first thing I checked with all of my clients.💫
🧚As this is an energetic process, I now do it via zoom (a video call) so it doesn’t matter where in the world I am or my clients are this is available. People are experiencing the same results and more. I have been doing it this way for about 5 years now🧚
🌟The process can take up to an hour, as we do coaching and healing as we go. When a subconscious block emerges, we look at it there and then and release it. A subconscious block is something that has been getting in the way of what you are asking for or what you know is available.🌟
💫Having your chakras balanced regularly can improve your health and wellbeing💫
🧚I have worked with babies and kids too. They can pick up energy that doesn’t belong to them at daycare and school. If they start acting differently or get angry easily, it’s oftentimes because they have picked something up doesn’t belong to them. It can seem like they have taken on a whole different personality. They can also be affected by things going on in your life. They are energetically sensitive little beings and know when something is up. 🧚
🌟New babies who may have had a traumatic birth, pregnancy, or something that has happened since could affect them. The birthing process in itself can be enough. So if your baby isn’t sleeping well or is out of sorts this can be super helpful. Kids let go really fast and don’t have the points of view in the way that we do. They don’t need their chakras balanced very often. You as their parent will know, once you know the signs to look for.🌟
💫It is great for new mums too, as it can be quite a process; pregnancy, birth and beyond. Your body goes through a lot of change and this can depend on what you have experienced. And for a lot there are the sleepless nights. I found sleep deprivation was the hardest part. You walk around in a daze and just keep going. 💫

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