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For more than 23 years I have worked within the Natural Healing Industry. In that time I have learned many modalities and skill sets,  from Massage, Healing, Intuitive Life Coaching, Working with the energies of the body including chakra balancing and many more. For more than 20 years I was mentored by a Maori Tohunga who taught me a lot about spirits, god (or the man upstairs as he called him), to bless homes, land, work spaces, vehicles, people and how to move lost spirits on to where they need to go.  He also taught me to have respect for all things spiritual and energetic. I was very blessed to have this amazing man as my mentor for so many years.  Unfortunately he passed away last year, however I am now lucky enough to have him work with me in spirit.

I also learned to connect with and work with the Angelic realm, more spirit guides and Angels. This has been a total blessing knowing that I am never alone and they have my back.

I love being guided by my Angelic team to relay messages, coaching, healing and sometimes people’s passed over loved ones will pop in for a chat. When they do this can open up such a space of healing for both parties.  Those who have passed over and those that are left behind.  They may get to get a better understanding of what happened and they may get to say things they never to got to say before the person passed. 

I am a mum of two awesome boys now 24 and almost 20 years old and they have been my biggest gifts and learning experiences. 

My lovely man and I have been together for 8 years and we were married in December 2019.  He is so loving, kind and supportive of everything I do. This is such a different relationship to anything I have experienced in my past.

Post Natal Depression

or an Awakening?

At the age of 21 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). At 23 my partner and I decided it was time to have kids (I never knew if I would be able to have kids because of this diagnosis and was told I should start earlier rather than later, so that time was on my side) I had to have hormone tablets to regulate my cycle and after 7 months and triple dose tablets, I fell pregnant. 

Less than a week later, I was in hospital with excruciating abdominal pain, the doctors thought it might be an ectopic pregnancy. They discovered that I had cysts on my ovaries, PCOS. I stopped work and had to take it easy so the cysts wouldn’t turn on my ovaries. At 18 weeks pregnant I had an operation to remove the cysts. The rest of the pregnancy was brilliant and Sidney was born on the date I had expected.  At three weeks old he started experiencing colic. At 6 weeks old he had emergency surgery for bilateral hernias. 

I was diagnosed with postnatal depression when he was 6 months old and in total was challenged off and on with PND for over 7 years.  I went down the orthodox medicine route off and on for just over 6 years (I improved a little and stopped taking medication because I didn’t like the stigma attached to it) When Sidney was just over 3, I got pregnant naturally with my second child Bailey, I experienced depression from the time I got pregnant, which I didn’t know was possible. My moods swung terribly, one minute I was happy and the next I felt terrible.

Once I had Bailey, things slowly got harder, I kept to myself. It was worse the second time and it took me longer to seek out help.  When I did it didn’t work and made me feel worse, so I stopped. When Bailey was 15 months old I changed doctors, it took the new doctor 3 months to get the medication right. I functioned every day and took care of my kids, but I couldn’t get down and play with them. It was like there was a glass wall between us. I ended up on 5 antidepressants a day. I had managed to reduce it to 4, which gave me the headspace and strength to begin to explore a more natural approach.  Being a massage therapist at the time, I had a friend suggest that I have my chakras balanced. I knew it was right for me. 

I began having my chakras (energy centres of the body) balanced and to explore the emotions I had unknowingly suppressed since a child and throughout my life. These emotions were locked in my energy field which I had thought I had dealt with or put them behind me and pretended they weren’t even a thing, Within 9 months of starting to have my chakras balanced on regular a basis and my willingness to look at these emotions, even though it was freaking uncomfortable at times, I learned how to release them from my mental, emotional and physical body. I was able to totally come off all medication (reducing medication should always be carried out under the guidance of your medical practitioner)

Through my intuition I have come to know that for me the physical act of giving birth, unlocked emotions that I had subconsciously suppressed and I didn’t know what it was or what had happened to me.  I also became super aware of energies around me including other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions, however at that time I thought they were my own. My intuitive abilities had opened up, except I didn’t know what this was. 

I know for me, I had been successful in the banking industry, but as a mum I had very little confidence, and after everything we had been through and my focus of keeping these babies safe, I was scared I wouldn’t know what to do. I was full of fear about anything and everything. I became irrational and I was trying to be the perfect mum so my children wouldn’t leave me.  

Through this experience and working with many clients in all areas of life, I know that balancing the chakras, along with with addressing the mental, emotional, physical and spirituals aspects for each person and empowering them to love, trust and know themselves and follow their awareness is one of the keys to have the life you know is possible.  You begin to see the light and heavy cloud lifts.  

This can pertain to any area of your life. The other thing I have recently come to know is that to fully connect to and embrace our intuition we need to have a better connection to our bodies. Our bodies give us so many cues however we are not taught to like or trust our bodies through life events, trauma or the way we grew up.  

In the past 2 years I have found this key to being aware of when other people’s energies (their thoughts feelings and emotions) are effecting me.  And the tools and strategies to know what is yours and what you are intuitively picking up on.  It is amazing how empathic we actually are.  Once you are fully aware of what is yours and what is not, it is so much easier to stay in your own energetic lane. 

If I am feeling out of kilter or not like me I know that someone else’s energy is around or I’m in someone else’s energy field. I teach tools and strategies that I have learned, so that you can have all of you.

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