✨ Soulfully Aligned✨

  • You may feel like you have a roadblock and no matter what you do it just doesn’t seem to shift.
  • You are ready to release and old pattern that no matter what you do it  just doesn’t seem to shift.
  • You would like to align more with your Soul Purpose, Life Purpose or what you came here for.
  • Connect and balance your mind, body and spirit or mental, emotional and physical bodies to be more in your flow.
  • You would like to connect more with your higher self and spirit. To begin to really trust and follow your intuition no matter what other people say or think.
  • You are ready to eliminate toxic relationships or thought patterns.
  • You would like more harmony and connection with yourself and others.

You are aware that something different is available for you and are ready to have it.

  • You would like to connect with loved one who has passed to gain more clarity and to check in on them.

In this LIVE 120 MINUTE session, you get to ask all of your questions on a 1:1 Zoom Call, with Andy. The call is confidential and the recording will be sent to you so can listen again at your own leisure or refer to it again in the future. 

 Each session may include:

  • Energy Clearing
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Soul Flow Healing
  • Messages from Heaven (Mediumship)
  • Direct Connection with Spirit
  • Soul Connection
  • Untangling Energies
  • House and Personal Blessing
  • Connect Body/Mind/Spirit to Reconnect with Your Flow and Your Truth
  • Reconnect to Spirit and Spirit Guides
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Recording of the Session

The intention of this session, is to create a pivot and deep transformation so that you can believe that you can have the life that you truly desire. Things begin to change at your very core.

After receiving your reading, please share any feedback. If there is an issue, I will happily work with you.

Terms and Conditions:
– All readings are entirely confidential. 
– Readings are for entertainment purposes and are non-refundable.
– I take my work very seriously, however  readings are only a snapshot in time, and you still have freewill. Often my readings are confirmation of what you already know. Or what spirit has already been trying to get through to you.

Because of the nature of spiritual work, I cannot guarantee any outcomes, nor am I responsible for what you choose to do with the information.

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