Andy Pentecost-Beck, Psychic Medium/Intuitive Life and Biz Coach

When we Lose a Loved One it Can Leave us in Turmoil with Unanswered Questions!

Connecting with a Loved One can bring you Clarity, Reassurance and a New Connection with Your Loved One! 

Love Notes from my Clients!

Andy Pentecost Beck is the real deal, super connected!!!

How do I know because Andy is a friend of mine that even before I told her about my dad being sick she contacted me. After he passed he visited her and the message she delivered was bang on and gave me so much comfort.

She has delivered valuable information to me over the years of friendship time and time again!!

Yes I can get my own messages but having someone else confirm or give you information about something you don’t see yourself because your in your own energy is priceless!!

Tracy Reifferscheid (2020)

Alchemist and Intuitive Facilitator

Thank you Andy for our session on Friday, the awareness connections and acknowledgment I received with regard to loved ones passed has given me great peace .

I feel way more connected to my spirit guides and team  feels good to be open more to receive from them . We are Never alone … Thank you so much 

Robyn Singh (2020)

Magical Paddle & Yoga Instructor,Flow with Robyn

“Andy has an amazing capacity to connect with your guides and angels and deliver a message that will go straight to your heart.

We spent the weekend together and had a long drive home a few weeks ago and I asked her to tune in for me. 

The messages she brought through was amazing, on point and had this energetic uplifting effect. What she said not only confirmed, but expanded what I was aware of and added energy to it."

Cory Michelle (July 2019)

Intuitive Guide for Visionary Women

Get to Know Me!

Hiya I’m Andy.

I’m a Psychic Medium & Intuitive Life and Biz Coach with more than 20 years experience in the Natural Healing field.

I have been teaching & coaching heart centred, highly intuitive women for more than 10 years how to trust and follow their intuition, no matter what. No longer looking outside of themselves for guidance, approval or direction.

I help them to uncover and embrace all of their talents and abilities. This empowers them to get comfortable with all of their capacities and abilities so that they’re no longer afraid of being weird, made of fun of or told they are wrong.

I have been a Psychic Medium off and on for @15 years. I work a little differently to other Psychic Mediums in that I bring in my Coaching and Healing skills as well. If something comes up during a reading/session that is standing in your way, or your energy is out of balance, we look at it then and there and begin to unlock it so that you can release it.

I have a knack of being able to get in underneath to uncover some of the hidden stuff.  If there is an area of your life that no matter what you do it just doesn’t shift, then having a personal session could uncover it so it can be released once and for all.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the past 20 years, helping them increase their confidence through learning to trust themselves. To quieten their mind and live their lives their way.  Helping them uncover the subconscious blocks, so that they can quickly and confidently make choices effortlessly and with clarity.

Andy Pentecost-Beck

Psychic Medium/Intuitive Life & Business Coach

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