House & Business Blessings

House & Business Blessings

If you are experiencing any of the following in your Home or Business it could be a sign that you have unwanted energies or spirits upsetting the flow.

Emotional upset including arguments Doors slamming or closingLights flickeringProducts not selling Feeling uneasy when you were quite comfortable beforeThere are places on the property you don’t like going or beingYour sleep is being disturbed or you don’t feel refreshedThe kids are afraid to go to sleepPeople might have become accident prone or unwell

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Why would you have your home or business blessed?


If you have recently brought a new home, a section or a business or are about to, it can be a good idea to have it blessed. Why? Because we don’t know what has gone on with the people in the home or business before we purchased it. There may have been a marriage breakup, a relationship breakdown, heated emotions, sadness, depression or a previous owner may have died there or been so connected that they have come back and are residing in your home. .

When you have a home blessed you are clearing all of the past energies, emotions and relationships of any previous owners, tenants or anyone who was previously connected with your property.

You might notice lights flickering, unrest in your home, things being moved, or things disappearing, voices, doors closing or slamming for no apparent reason. Or your kids may have become accident prone. The family members in the house might be unwell. Or there could be a chain events that are out of the ordinary, that have you go, “what is going on here?”

BUSINESS:If you have recently bought a business, moved buildings, or something changes in your business; for instance people that used to get on aren’t getting along. Unexplained things could happen: items being moved or disappearing. Or there could be areas of the building that you just don’t want to be in.

You see when we move into new buildings or buy a business we don’t know always know what happened with the previous owners. The business may have gone broke or lost money. The owners could have gone through a relationship breakdown or argued a lot. Someone could have died in the building. When you bless a business or building, you are clearing all of the past energies and relationships of the previous owners or people who have worked there. Land and buildings can hold emotions from previous tenants, owners, employers, employees and you don’t want that affecting your business. There may have been verbal, written or soul contracts with the land or buildings.  Even clients can  leave behind unwanted energies or spirits.

If you have a lot of different people coming through your premises, they can drop their emotions or baggage in your space and upset your energy. It can be a good idea to have the premises blessed regularly to keep your flow and the energy you want your clients to experience.


Even bare land can have history. Take New Zealand for instance there was a lot of Maori wars and people were laid to rest where they died on the battlefield. So without knowing it we may start excavating and unknowingly upset a very old burial ground. When people die quickly or unexpectedly they may not know they are dead. They are trying to get our attention and we can’t see them, how frustrating would that be for them. You think you are alive and all these people are ignoring you, so you do anything you can to get their attention.By having your land blessed or cleared before you begin building, we let these spirits know they are dead and we help them to where they need to go.  This ensures you have a smoother building process.  And we ask for the safety of everyone on the building site during the building process.

Once your new home is complete, then it’s a good idea to have it blessed again. Why? How many people are normally on a building site throughout the build? How many people have been through your new home? Have there been any upsets with the different tradies.  That’s a lot of people right? With a lot of different emotions, going through who knows what. Some of these people you will have met and some you may never meet. Clearing out all of their energies and emotions will allow you to create the home and space you wish to have without any outside influences.

If you are renovating or removing walls, it can be a good idea to have your home cleansed at the completion of your renovations. Who knows what the original builder or people working on the home were going through at the time your home was originally built or any extensions or other renovations were carried out. There could be emotions or energies trapped in the walls. Here are some signs and symptoms that a blessing or clearing could be beneficial.

Emotions can be heightened – including people not getting on. You may have money concerns which you didn’t used to You, your children or staff can become accident prone or unwellFeel exhausted with low energy levels.Life is a grind like just putting one foot in front of the otherBody pain, chronic fatigue or other ailmentsEmotional outburstsHOME, BUSINESS OR LAND BLESSINGBook nOw $111.00Book your seat now(only 20 Spaces available)Check your time in the world here

Once the Energy in your Home or Business is clear, you can experience:

More peace and calmPeople sleep better and deeper.More connection and ease with each otherKids longer accident prone or people in the home being regularly unwellLess Body Pain More energisedCalmer and quieter mind.The home or business feels more emotionally balanced Increased clients and money flowYou feel more connected with your business (a business has consciousness of it’s own, so it is a living thing and you can co-create with it).More connection with staff and everyone getting along Business feels calmerHOME, BUSINESS OR LAND BLESSINGBook NOW $111.00Book your seat now(only 20 Spaces available)Check your time in the world here

What Happens during a Blessing or Clearing of a Home or Business?

These Blessings can be carried out either in person (if you are in the Noosa area) or via a zoom call. (you will receive a link in your confirmation email) So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we can connect and I can bless your property.

We have a chat to find out what your concerns are. I will also tap into the property and let you know what I am aware of.  I always bring in my Spirit Guides and Angels along with yours to guide me with clearing or blessing your property and releasing the energies or spirits that have been connected to your property. I will share with you tools that I am guided to, that you can use, to help to keep your property clear and to re-energise it, if it is feeling a bit flat.

I will also check your family members to make sure they don’t have any unwanted energies. What can happen is that we can pick up energies or spirits and that can leave us feeling scattered or out of sorts and not like ourselves. Sometimes we can’t put our finger on what has changed but we know something has. We just feel off or different.  If you have any questions please reach out with the email at the bottom of the page.

Book your seat now(only 20 Spaces available)HOME, BUSINESS OR LAND BLESSINGbook Now $111.00Check your time in the world here

Love Notes from my Clients!

Working with Andy has helped change my life. I just took part in a week-long coaching group and in 1 week I overturned and changed so many old habits and patterns it was mind blowing.

I react less, pause more and walk away from drama within relationships; my 18 month old now comes to me for her nappy changes with less wrestling matches and even our puppy and I are on a more cooperative level.

I’m feeling in tune, aligned with my dreams and a load more hopeful about my future options. Andy is always down to earth and respectful, authentic and straight up at the same time. She doesn’t do the hard sell approach, so I always know that I am getting the real deal with her.

The fact that Andy uses her awareness of spirit and energy is a bonus, it’s like ‘ having essential oils added to a massage’ – working with spirit enhances the impact of the coaching and makes it next level. Totally recommend (and have already) Andy to anyone.

Indigo Kingfisher

(2020) Mum Extraordinaire and Family Therapist

I started working with Andy when I was pregnant with my first child and I was struggling with the transition from being a career driven person to being a mum.

I had so many fears about being a Mum (based on my upbringing) and what sacrifices I would need to make.

Andy helped me overcome my past and step into being a mum with confidence.

She opened my eyes to managing my energies and I still use the techniques and tools she taught me multiple times a day!!

I highly recommend Andy, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

Ginny Moore

Super mum, Leadership Strategist, Love Your Job Coach

“I was at a crossroads in my career and really required guidance on which way to proceed forward. Within the first 15 minutes of the session, Andy Pentecost-Beck had answered questions and gave insight to areas that I have not even considered.

Talk about creating ease in my life!”

Tiffany Theen

Educator, Speaker, Adrenalin Junkie

Get to Know Me!

Hiya I’m Andy.

I’m a Psychic Medium & Intuitive Life Coach & Healer with more than 20 years experience in the Natural Healing field.I have been a Psychic Medium for @15 years. I have helped many  people to connect with their loved ones to confirm that they are at peace and ok on the other side. To help them to learn the signs their loved ones send them, to let go of grief and to bring them clarity and some form of closure so that they can begin to move forward in their lives. Creating a different connection with their loved ones so that they know they are always with them.

When my oldest son was 3 months we had a Maori Tohunga (Maori Healer) come to our home. I had been to a Naturopath and told him what had happened in our home since we had moved in, just under a year before. He said too much has happened for it to be a coincidence.

When we sat down with Rongo, I realised how much I felt things I couldn’t see. He started to point out areas on the property where there were spirits, and I finished it. There were so many areas I felt uncomfortable or would hurry past. He blessed our property and my husband at the time the next day. During the next 20 years I spent quite a bit of time learning from Rongo, he taught me how to bless houses and people. How to read situations and what to look out for. I feel very blessed to be taught by such a kind and amazing man. Unfortunately he passed away 3 years ago and now works with me in spirit.

All of the modalities I use are because they worked for me and then I went and learned them so I could use them with my clients. I don’t do anything I haven’t used or experienced.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the past 20 years, helping them stay balanced and centred and I teach them tools to trust themselves and explore their spiritual gifts. They have been able to increase their confidence through learning to trusting their intuition. Having tools to quieten their mind and live their lives their way.  Working with their energy fields and helping them uncover subconscious blocks, so that they can quickly and confidently make choices with ease and clarity.

Andy Pentecost-Beck

Psychic Medium/Intuitive Life Coach/Healer

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