Harmony and Soulful Alignment with your Business

How do you know this is for you? If you are:

✨Not sure where your Business is headed and would like some guidance and direction.

✨You would like more clarity and connection with your Business?

✨It feels like you take one step forward and two steps backwards.?

✨You have a lot of ideas but not sure where to start or you don’t feel like you are getting enough traction or the forward momentum you know is available?

✨Have recently bought your Business from someone else and would like to disconnect it from past owners energy so that you can add your own unique flavour.

✨You would like more confidence and flow in your Business?

✨You would like to learn to converse or communicate with your Business

✨It feels like you can do it for others or working in another Business but it’s not as easy to do it for yourself.

✨Feeling stuck or overwhelmed?

✨You’ve come out of a relationship and you would like to disconnect their energy from your Business and money flows.

✨You are ready to SHINE and wish to embrace your gifts and abilities.

You are aware that something different is available for you and are ready to have it. 

You are ready to connect with your Business in a whole new way to have what you know is available. It’s time to take the brakes and surrender giving up the resistance and the old patterns and programs that have kept that in place.

You are ready to share your unique abilities authentically with the world.

You are not sure what it is but you are being called to this session. You just know that there is something in here you are asking for.

In this LIVE 120 MINUTE session, you get to ask all of your questions on a 1:1 Zoom Call, with Andy. The call is confidential and the recording will be sent to you so can listen again at your own leisure or refer to it again in the future. You session may include:

 Each session may include:


Releasing Past Agreements and Contracts


Disconnecting and Releasing the Energy of any Previous Owners or Business Partners


Getting Clear on What You would like to Create and Energetic Alignment with Your Business


Business Blessing and Setting the Energy and Intentions


Angels and Light Being Messages


Tapping into: What you Energetically have Access to - Gifts and Abilities


What would your Business Like you to Know?


Bringing more Connection and Harmony to Your Business


Spiritual Guidance


Recorded Session

The intention of this session, is to create a pivot and deep transformation so that you can believe that you can have the life and Business that you truly desire. Things begin to change at your very core.

Andy is a clear channel for spirit and during our time together she will connect with your guides and angels and tap into your Business to assist you in creating a deeper connection with yourself and your Business, creating more harmony and Soulful Alignment. To be the gift you came to be to the world and humanity.

You will receive a link to a questionnaire in your confirmation, this ensures that we focus on what you are asking for and don’t bypass anything so you get the most from our time together. (remember once you sign up the transformation begins – so everything that doesn’t match what you are asking for can begin to present itself so that it can be transmuted during our time together)

Terms and Conditions:
– All readings are entirely confidential. 
– Readings are for entertainment purposes and are non-refundable.
– I take my work very seriously, however  readings are only a snapshot in time, and you still have freewill. Often my readings are confirmation of what you already know. Or what spirit has already been trying to get through to you.

Because of the nature of spiritual work, I cannot guarantee any outcomes, nor am I responsible for what you choose to do with the information.

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