Connection and Alignment with Your Business

How do you know this is for you? If you are:

✨Not sure where your Business is headed and would like some guidance and direction.

✨Feel a bit disconnected from your Business

✨You know more is possible with your Business you’re just not sure how to tap in into it or navigate it.

✨You are beginning to hear the whispers of your Business and would like to amplify them.

✨You’d love confirmation that what you are hearing is in fact your Business and/or your inner guidance.

✨You would like to learn to converse or communicate with your Business

✨You would like some guidance, direction and confirmation that you are Soulfully Aligned

✨You are ready to SHINE and embrace your gifts and abilities without fear of being judged or getting it wrong.

You are aware that something different is available for you and are ready to have it. 

You are not sure what it is but you are being called to this session. You just know that there is something in here you are asking for.

In this LIVE 60 MINUTE session, you will receive spiritual guidance in those areas you would like more connection and alignment with, during a 1:1 Zoom Call, with Andy. The call is confidential and the recording will be sent to you so can listen again at your own leisure or refer to it again in the future. You session may include:

 Each session may include:


Releasing Past Agreements and Contracts


Disconnecting and Releasing the Energy of any Previous Owners or Business Partners


Expanding your Connection with Your Business


Getting Clear on What You would like to Create and Become more Energetically Align with Your Business


Recorded Session

The intention of this session, is to create a pivot and a different relationship with your business. With more connection, communication and alignment.

Andy is a clear channel for spirit and during our time together she will tap in and connect with your spirit team and Business to assist you in creating a deeper connection with yourself and your Business. To be the gift you came to be to the world and embrace the gifts you have so that you can shine without fear of being judged.

Terms and Conditions:
– All readings are entirely confidential. 
– Readings are for entertainment purposes and are non-refundable.
– I take my work very seriously, however  readings are only a snapshot in time, and you still have freewill. Often my readings are confirmation of what you already know. Or what spirit has already been trying to get through to you.

Because of the nature of spiritual work, I cannot guarantee any outcomes, nor am I responsible for what you choose to do with the information.

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