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In a FREE 20-30 Minute, Discovery Call, you will get to connect with Andy in a 1:1 Zoom Call, to explore creating a different relationship with your biz and if we are a match to achieve what you are aware of.

A chat is for you if you:


Wish to Have more Connection and Harmony with your Business


Get so Far and then it Feels Like You Hit an Invisible Wall


Other People's Blueprints don't work for You


You are Super Psychic Aware


You Create Differently


It Feels like you are Missing Something


You are Drawn to have a Conversation with me and You Don't Know why?


Your Target Feels Just Out of Reach

During a Discovery Session:

Together we will explore what you’d like to create or are creating with your Business. What you know you are here for?

We look at what is currently happening in your Business – what you’d like to address.

Where you’d like to be in 12 months – what you’d like to be celebrating.

  • What you feel your strengths are personally and as a Business Owner?
  • What you feel are your growing points
  • How long you’ve been in Business?
  • How long have you been trying to create this?
  • How much fun, play and joy do you instill in your Business or receive from your Business?

I will share with you if I feel I can help you with what you’d like create and achieve in your Business and the ways in which I feel I can do that, based on our discussion. We will explore whether we are a match to work together.

Once we choose to Partner together.

Once we choose we are a match to work together then we put a Business Coaching Package together outlining targets/intentions along with time frames.

I will teach you to tune into your Business – to begin to listen to her whispers. To begin to bring harmony, connection and oneness to your dreams and desires.

Learning to tune into your Intuition even more and really trust and follow it. This creates more flow and connection with your desired clients and outcomes.

We also tune into your spirit team and the spirit team of your Business. Yes your Business also has Spirit team as it has a life force of it’s own.

We look at the energetics of your business – to see if there is any structures or energies that may be causing interference or slowing your flow. (for example previous owners, employees or even past history of land you run your business from)

If you have a physical team – we look at them as well to see if there are different ways of interacting or enhancing their strength and helping them grow in other areas. Whether they are an energetic match to create more Harmony, Connection and Alignment with your Business.

The intention of this session, is to create a pivot and a different relationship with your home. To create more peace, harmony and connection with your home and those that live in it.

Andy is a clear channel for spirit and during our time together she will tap in and connect with your guides and angels along with your home to bring more peace, harmony and connection to your family and home. 

Terms and Conditions:
– All readings are entirely confidential. 
– Readings are for entertainment purposes and are non-refundable.
– I take my work very seriously, however  readings are only a snapshot in time, and you still have freewill. Often my readings are confirmation of what you already know. Or what spirit has already been trying to get through to you.

Because of the nature of spiritual work, I cannot guarantee any outcomes, nor am I responsible for what you choose to do with the information.

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