✨ Unlock Divine Guidance with Our 3 Card Pull Experience ✨

Ever found yourself curious about the profound insights your Angelic Team holds for you? Step into the enchanting world of our 3 Card Pull, a personalized and intimate reading facilitated remotely by Andy and her Angelic Team. Here’s a glimpse of the magic that awaits you:

How It Unfolds:

This isn’t your typical in-person or Zoom session. Instead, anticipate receiving an email featuring a soulful voice recording from Andy, seamlessly connecting you with the divine wisdom of your Angelic Team.

Ask Away – 2 Questions.

Have burning questions about your life’s journey? With the 3 Card Pull, you can pose up to two questions, and Andy, in harmony with her Angelic Team and yours, will channel pure divine guidance tailored specifically for you.

Confirmation and Trust:

Andy’s readings have a unique way of confirming the currents already at play in your life. This validation acts as a potent tool, fostering trust in your own intuition and knowledge.

Guidance for Every Challenge:

Whether you’re navigating challenges, feeling a sense of restraint, or grappling with specific concerns, the 3 Card Pull provides profound insights and direction, empowering you to progress on your spiritual journey.

Swift Delivery in 48 Hours:

Upon booking, simply reply to your confirmation email with your questions. Within 48 hours, expect to receive an email with a 10-12 minute voice recording, unveiling the divine guidance especially channelled for you.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Privacy First: Your confidentiality is paramount; all readings are handled with the utmost discretion.
  • Entertainment with Insight: While these readings are for entertainment purposes, they offer valuable snapshots in time and often serve as confirmation of your inner knowing.
  • Freewill Acknowledgment: Recognizing the significance of freewill, your choices remain yours. Our readings align with your inner wisdom and spiritual path.
  • Health Disclaimer: Note that these readings are not a substitute for medical advice. Consult your doctor for any medical concerns.


Given the nature of spiritual work, outcomes cannot be guaranteed, and responsibility lies with you for the actions you choose based on the information received.

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and divine guidance? Book your 3 Card Pull now and open the door to the profound wisdom awaiting you. 🌟

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